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This Is Our Culture: Mined

Meet Mined, an artist who writes songs that could either make or break your heart.

Depending on when you’re listening. His smooth vocal, that is in equal measures effortlessly cool and soul-pouring affecting, is a signature of absolute quality, and sketches into the subconscious. Latest single ‘Girl’ is sultry in every meaning of the world, sparse electronic beats skitter delicately picking up tempo and feeling like a warm touch of the skin. But listen again and you’ll feel a blue edge, and the sharpness might just cut a little deeper.

Crafting his own genre of homemade RnB, Mined’s elegant storytelling, ‘love me like you do in the dark’, is touching and clean, ready to be uncovered, layer by layer. Take from it what you need.

This is his culture.


“Girl is a song about two different experiences. One in which a relationship is primarily sexual to the annoyance of one party, and the other is about losing trust in a long distance relationship. I wanted the song to be quite simply and hypnotic hence the sparse production!”


“9/10 times, you know what’s best for yourself… or at least I do.”

Molecular biology

“I studied Biology at A Level and decided to carry on at Uni. I’m not a big fan of Ecology as a topic and much prefer learning about Molecular processes. I’m currently working in tech and the growing relationship between tech and Biology is what interests me and what I’m trying to be involved in.”

Growing Up

“Growing up in London was great, home life was actually quite tough as my parents didn’t have the best relationship with each other and that put a strain on their relationships with me, but I’ve always had a good crop of friends around. Ghanaian parents are quite funny, and quite easy to caricature down to specific phrases and mannerisms. My dad loves Ghanaian music and would play a lot of it really loud when driving around to my embarrassment, but I love it now and will probably do the same. When I eventually learn how to drive.”


“Haha, yeah, I have 7 names. I genuinely remember going into my parents room one day and my birth certificate was on the bed, so I had a peek and discovered all these names I didn’t know I had. The worst of which is Bernard, sorry to any Bernards out there. Mined came about in my 3rd year of Uni, me and my friend and fellow artist, Jason Nolan, both turned up to a gig wearing denim jackets, we looked like idiots. I was looking for a name back then as I had started making a few instrumentals, nothing serious, I first thought Denim to commemorate the occasion but decided it sounded to indie rockie, so reversed it and went with Mined which is denim backwards.”

Perfect Date

“My girlfriend and I are going to Lapland later this year as its always been a dream of mine to see the Aurora, so if that pans out then that, followed by some snow activities, a Finnish Sauna and some beers would probably be it.”


“My current home in north London is full of musicians, so there are instruments everywhere, I have a tendency to dry my clothes on any surface so in the living room you’ll find some clothes hanging on the TV, radiator, doors, etc. I have the smallest room in the house too.”


“The greatest PG rated feeling in the world is a toss up between falling in love, cliche but it is, or your football team winning the European Cup, which the team I support has done 5 times.”


“Dunkirk. I loved it, though I went with a few serial cinema fall-asleepers. Also Tom Hardy was in it, and he is my man crush.”

Music Video

“I love the music video for MJ’s ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’! I wanna be him, pity I can’t dance.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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