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Tanyel Gumushan /
Apr 28, 2017 / Music

There’s an epicness to MISSIO.

The dynamic duo from Austin, Texas, reveal themselves in the most magnificent way.

Latest single ‘Middle Fingers’, takes the struggles and downbeats of today’s modern society; money, beauty, addiction, and quite literally holds a middle finger up. With lazer sharp electronics and lavish chorus, gritty lyricism is transformed with slick vocals.

It’s a very real anthem for today. Ahead of their debut album, Loner (May 19), this is MISSIO’s culture.


The issue I tend to keep coming back to in society is that of comparison. We tend to compare ourselves to other things, people, experiences etc. I scroll through Instagram several times a day and I find that people from all over the world are posting the same content, same poses, and the same exact captions and it makes me wonder, why? Unconsciously, when we see these successful “Instagram Famous” people travelling the world and posting their lavish lifestyles I personally can find myself thinking that success only comes in the form of followers. That simply is not the case. I know a handful of these “Instagram Celebrities” and know that their life is nothing like they make it seem online. I would hope that each individual (young or old) realises that their identity is not found in comparing themselves to the famous 1% on social media, but would rather create their own experiences to inspire and captivate others.


The inspiration behind the album and its title comes from previous, personal experience. I struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism for many years and found myself decaying to the beat of my own drum and the choices I decided to make. The majority of that time was spent alone and it sucked the soul right out of me – hence the album title name, Loner.

Now, as a person in recovery, I still find it necessary to spend time alone as a way of rejuvenation, but that’s because I’m naturally an introvert. (This is the healthy version of being alone.)


Genuine artistry to both David & I would be this: Partaking in a particular art/craft as a necessity to express ourselves, without the need of approval from others.

We write songs because we have to. It’s our version of having personal diaries. Whether one million people heard our songs or nobody heard our songs, we would still be writing in our studio’s because it’s our form of therapy. If I never made another dime from music – you would still find me by my piano writing ballads of some sort.


When I was seventeen, I spent a year in a drug rehab facility down on the border of Texas and Mexico. It was considered to be a “character building program.” The owner of the rehab came to me one day and asked if I would walk around the 23 acre plot of land and pick up all of the palm leaves that had fallen that day. Reluctantly, I said “Do I really have a choice?” I spent 3 hours picking up palm leaves. The next day he asked the same question and I had to pick them up again. This pattern would continue for 7 months. I was furious that he would make me do this menial task for months, but he knew what he was doing when he asked the question months prior… He was teaching me work ethic.

To this day I owe that man a lot because I wouldn’t have the work ethic I have today if it weren’t for him.


I can answer for both David and I and it would probably include Tex-Mex and queso. Not sure if this is a “thing” in the UK, but melted cheese and chips (not to be mistaken with your word for french fries) is insane if you get it at the right restaurant. We love fish fajitas from this divey place in Austin, TX, call Polvo’s.


We both love experiencing different cultures. It’s one of the most beautiful things about living on this planet. Difference in cultures inspires creativity and we’re both excited to soak that in and see what we can create musically after our trip. It’s easy to become complacent experiencing the same things in the same place so we’re both excited to experience the U.K. and what it has to offer.

Fictional lands

Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I would indulge immensely if I could visit Willy Wonka’s factory.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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