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Feb 14, 2018 / Film & TV

Since breaking out with a dual role in season two of Netflix’s Bloodline, Owen Teague hasn’t looked back.

Be it as sinister, small-town bully Patrick Hockstetter in It, or young, handsome tearaway Trick in the ‘Arkangel’ episode of Black Mirror’s fourth season, Teague has quickly made memorable supporting turns his bread and butter.

In 2018, you can catch the Florida-born actor playing ‘Alexander’ in Every Day, co-starring in 20th Century Fox’s The Empty Man and coming-of-age drama Every Day,directed by Michael Sucsy. No rest for the wicked – expect to see more of him.

In the meantime, this is his culture.


Favourite actor

Can I pick three? Jack Nicholson, Gary Oldman, and Andy Serkis. Nicholson and Oldman for absolutely opposing reasons; Nicholson because he is so distinctly Jack Nicholson — he has a specific way of existing, and whenever I watch him, not only is he completely believable, no matter how ridiculous the scene or how absurd his behavior, but also completely transfixing, and therefore entertaining. Oldman because he is never distinctly Gary Oldman. Even when he’s not covered in pounds of prosthetics, he’s a chameleon. And Andy Serkis because he’s such a good actor he doesn’t even need to be playing a human to get us to understand him. As a little kid, my earliest obsession was with playing creatures — Gollum was a huge fascination — and so he was a huge inspiration.

Favourite ever scene

Again, I’m picking three. The final scene from There Will Be Blood, involving the milkshake monologue said so wonderfully by Daniel Day-Lewis. Everything about that scene — the acting, the camerawork, the crescendo of the writing — is perfect. The scene in The Shining in which Wendy discovers what Jack has been working on, and then when Jack chases her to the staircase working himself into a craze as she keeps him off with a baseball bat. And then any scene from Lord of the Rings with Smeagol/Gollum in it — the conversations he has with himself especially.

Best spot to get food

My house in Florida on a Sunday morning. Mom makes some killer pancakes.

How to relax

Drink a cup of tea and noodle around on my mandolin.

Favourite novel

That changes almost monthly. Right now, it’s 1984 by George Orwell. It’s quite applicable to our times, for obvious reasons — the liquefaction of the truth, the whole idea of “thought police”… its the perfect novel for a Trump administration.

Music for feeling down

Anything Nick Cave. Push the Sky Away is a good one for feeling down. Also Skeleton Tree, which came right after the aforementioned. Leonard Cohen also does the trick.

The most important lesson

“Don’t take this too seriously” — Kyle Chandler, Bloodline Season 2 premiere. It was my first red carpet and I was a nervous wreck. The first time you step out of the car and hear your name screamed at you, it’s absolutely terrifying. I think he could tell I was a bit jarred, and shot that little tip my way in his matter-of-fact Georgia manner. Best advice I’ve ever gotten.

Favourite documentary

I really enjoy Michael Moore’s work — Where to Invade Next, Bowling for Columbine, things like that. He really scrutinizes why and how this country is so messed up, all in such a refreshingly sardonic style.

** Photo by Benjo Arwas **

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