This is our culture: Seramic

Tanyel Gumushan /
May 10, 2017 / Music

Seramic is a true artist.

He captures your imagination in a way that opens your mind to endless possibilities and introduces a new world; tangible to the touch and pulsing through your body. His EP, I Got You (out now), explodes with heart-felt soul, and blends electronic with funk, groove and classic tones.

Without a moment’s breath; from the chest-swelling title track to the rushing whirlwind of ‘Greg’s Love’, the EP is an experimental rollercoaster that’s powered by the giddiness of losing control. Seramic will make you want to lift both hands from the rails to enjoy the motions and to get lost in the thrill.

Listening is like travelling through the stars.

This is his culture.

I Got You

“I Got You EP will make you laugh and cry; it’s a wedding it’s a funeral; it’s jumping out of a plane with a string of sausages singing ‘That’s Amore’.”

Sculpting and music

“I have been doing both my whole life so they go hand in hand, I think about both all the time so I guess they make me who I am and each practise influences the other.”


“It’s just something that happened naturally, I think people can accept more experimentation with a project name, it allows you to be able to make and do what you want without being judged as much; it’s very liberating.”


Prince was an empire; he was fearless and such an incredible musician. He hit the ground running as hard as he could without compromise and made people feel so happy; that’s something I aspire to.”

This is our culture: Seramic


“I don’t get to see as much as I would like. My friend is in 1984 in New York at the moment, so I am going to try and make a trip to see that as I loved the book.”


“I guess in essence, timeless songs which sometimes get defined as ‘standards’ carry truths that everyone can related to, truths that will never grow old. There are some songs that just feel like they have always existed forever and that’s something I strive to make.”


“The work will tell you who you are and where to go.”


“I love travelling, I am always working so I can’t really wind down that much. There is a place I go to in France; a farm in a small village that has nothing but a butchers and a bar where I have written most of my songs. I have been going there since I was really young so that’s where I feel most at peace.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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