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This Is Our Culture: Tayla

Brace yourself. Tayla is about to blow your mind.

Possessing all of the superhero qualities in the RnB world, she adds an extra kick to her tracks. Latest track ‘Coming Back Around’ is an anthem for the self. Lyrics are delivered with a shot of venom, soul is dug out from the very core, and electronics spike a definite edge.

Bold pop at it’s finest, it’s fiery, it’s fierce and it’s fantastically honest. She’s writing killer songs about anybody who dares dull her vibe. This is Tayla’s culture.

‘Coming Back Around’

“The story behind this track is definitely personal. As fucked up as it is, everyone has got that one friend, family member, boyfriend or girlfriend, that can’t wait or will do anything to see you fall or fail when you’re shining at your most. And mine’s one of them. But instead of letting them and their dull vibes get to me, it’s just something I thrive off now and write great killer songs about.”


“Living dangerously and taking risks is something I would die by. Being different, standing out is always and forever the way forward. When you can just be yourself and own it, that’s when the magic happens. The fact that I love taking dangerous risks, and don’t realise I’m doing it can sometimes be scary but always worth it.”


“Being a born and raised Birmingham girl, has always been cool but also abnormal. Travelling back and forth from a young age to different cities like, Leicester and London, was always mind-blowing. Seeing how different cities do things differently and hearing different accents. So I would say me being from Birmingham but spending a lot of time in other cities, has made me more hungry for anything out there bigger and better. Its also created an odd but litty sound to my music, to the point that people can’t seem to fit me in a genre. Fucking love it.”

Reality TV

“Big Brother, Love Island, Made In Chelsea, and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! I could watch them all day, everyday. But gun to my head I wouldn’t go on any of them, it’s all much more fun watching them I think.”

First record

“If I remember rightly it’s was Pink’s album, Can’t Take Me Home, and that was on CD. Still blast it out to this day!”

Dinner party

“My Nana, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz. And I’d serve them a 3 course meal they would never forget. For Starters I’d do garlic bread topped with cheese and dips (with a kick). Mains would be my famous Spaghetti Bolognese with parmesan, and for Desert: The sweetest Red Velvet cake.”

Following on social media

“Apart from mine, because my posts are so litty and there are no fucks given ha! Seriously though, if you love bad-ass and rule-breaking shit I would say go follow Halsey, she’s a pretty cool one.”

Life hacks

“There was always that one thing my Grandmother would drill on about to me, “Good things come in small packages” which to me means that no matter how small something is (could be anything) it often has better quality than something big. So before I hit the stage and slay it up I normally whisper that little quote to myself.”


Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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