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Tanyel Gumushan /
Oct 13, 2017 / Music

There has to be some luck in a day so infamously unlucky.

This Friday 13th, the good is delivered in the form of Tusks’ debut album, Dissolve. 

The intricately tender collection of songs are enough to warm the coldest of nights, all intertwining harmonies and bewitching melodies. Each smoky, laid back ballad is an ethereal exploration into the soul, delivered in a vocal that carves itself on the heart and with lyrics that etch on your subconscious and carry you through.

It’s an all-encompassing project, a cathartic release, an ethereal world, a beautiful chapter of a story that will only get bigger. This is Emily Underhill’s culture.


“It’s my debut, coming out on the 13th October and it’s a collection of songs I’ve been working on and creating over the past few years. It’s got quite a travelling theme throughout it, with tracks written across Canada and Europe and then recorded in France and London. I think it’s hard to put it into a genre but maybe that’s because I’m too close to it? It’s got loads of different influences from James Blake to Foals to classical music. I’m just excited to release it now- it’s such a huge thing to do and I don’t think it’s sunk in how close it is.”

Earliest memory

“I’ve always loved being outside so probably going down to the beach or playing in the garden. We used to go down to Cornwall each year on holiday which was amazing.”

Handbag essentials 

“I like not carrying too much. Probably normally headphones and a phone. I’m getting more into taking film photos so maybe my camera if it’s somewhere interesting.”

Last meal  

“I’m currently in Montreal on tour so I just wandered up to this vegan place. It was peanut, tofu and vegetable noodles and a carrot and ginger juice shake thing. I’m trying to even out all the tortilla chips I’ve been eating.”


“Daisy by Marc Jacobs.”

Night in/night out

“Both! My favourite kind of night is at a festival though. Preferably warm- with loads of sun and friends.”


“I really wish I read more- I think that’ll be a resolution for next year. At the moment I’m trying to learn about physics so I’m reading a lot of stuff by Brian Cox. I’m a fan of Dan Brown’s books too though.”


“It used to be Melbourne but I think Toronto might have taken over now. They’re both amazing, and I guess kinda similar – I’d love to live in either.”


“Stop everyone’s obsession with money. I think that’s the root cause of so many problems. People are more obsessed with money than helping the environment and each other and it’s so creepy. It’s kinda psychopathic.”


“I’m quite a blue kinda girl. A good turquoise is always good.”


Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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