Meet Antje Utgaard

Delfina Rainoldi /
Mar 31, 2017 / Style

If you haven’t heard of Antje Utgaard, catch up.

Heralded queen of social media, Antje is a model known for her amazing Instagram account, as well as her Vine comedy sketches with fellow famous Viners and YouTubers. The Cali bombshell has managed to garner over one million followers across her social media pages and has been described as “a Gift from the Instagram Gods” by Maxim and “the next Kate Upton” by Playboy.

When I put it to her, Antje tells me that she’s “very flattered to be called the ‘next Kate Upton’” but she wishes to “aspire to inspire people to want to be the next Antje Utgaard.”

Although Antje wishes to be known for her Instagram activity, it is not all about being Instagram famous and pretty: “I want to be more than that, I want to go into comedy and acting”.

Having grown up in Star Prairie, Wisconsin, a little town of five hundred people – and with eleven siblings – Antje decided that university was not for her in her second year. “Before I moved to California I had moved to Minnesota, where I went to college. Before tuning 21 I decided to leave and move to LA”.  During her time at university, Antje juggled both dancing and her studies in Marketing and International Business, but soon after lost her passion for it and found modelling instead. “I kind of always wanted to [be a model] … Once I got out of that awkward teenage phase, I got more into the idea of modelling, so I had to leave Wisconsin to pursue it”.

Social media has really helped, without it I would not be where I am right now, I would probably be back in Minnesota!

 Fame has affected my life, but I enjoy it. It can be hard because you always have to watch what you say, watch what you do and you have to please people all the time, but I prefer it more than I don’t.

After earning her stripes in modelling and a boom in social media followers, Antje Utgaard started to collaborate with Viners and Youtubers, throwing herself into the comedy field. “I look up to many people in the comedy realm… so my ideal job would be to have or star in a sitcom, and then move into film” she explained. “I would love to work with the likes of Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston or Sofia Vergara, they would be amazing to work with!” Antje currently does a lot of stuff with Viners and YouTubers but would like to start her own YouTube channel. She says, “being told I am funny is a better form of flattery than being told I am pretty”.

Antje is not only an Instagram Goddess, but a comedian at heart that wants to make a change and help those who have struggled to get where she finds herself today.

The Big Three:

Have you got any fun facts or hidden talents?
I danced for eighteen years and [fun fact] I was a contortionist when I was younger

Have you got an everyday routine?
I work out almost every single day. I weight lift – some people may find that interesting but it keeps the waist small!”

 If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?
LA is the right place for what I want to do at the moment, but hopefully in a couple of years, I would like to get a place in NYC… It would be amazing

Words by Delfina Rainoldi

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