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Catarina Ramalho /
Jun 30, 2018 / Music

As we start to develop career paths that were deemed unimaginable a couple of years ago – and we venture to make the impossible, possible – we also began to think of far more ambitious and creative ways to achieve our very own idea of success. From djying at NTS radio, special events curation and creative brand consultancy, in conversation Bossy LDN’s co-founders Izzy Stevens and Dhamirah Coombes (Dee) shared how their love for urban music has helped shape their agency’s unique identity.

“It’s the music. If we don’t like the music, then it’s hard for us to connect. – Izzy pauses – We get asked for things all the time, and it’s not that we don’t respect that artist or what they are doing, but sometimes is just not for us.”

Before their joint venture, Izzy and Dee made themselves known for keeping the sharpest eye in the industry for emerging talent. Their monthly show on NTS radio is known for donning the freshest Hip-hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Grime and Afrobeats artists.

“When we find an artist that we really like, we get involved and see how we can use our platforms to help. We do everything from photo shoots, to playlists, to press.” – Dee adds.

Their innovative touch and creative versatility would soon get noticed, and lead them to collaborate with other individuals driving culture in their own way. Climbing the ladder involves collaboration, and in their case, when it happens, the more, the merrier.

Over the past twenty-four months, they have curated an intimate gathering and Q&A for SZA at The Curtain, an East London members-only club, and pop-ups for Lill Uzi Vert, Migos, The Interner, Steff London, Ray black, Ebony Frainteso, Raye… It’s an extensive list – and even you, dear reader – might have been to an event curated by them without even knowing.

Earlier this year, another quantum leap was made possible. Their previous work connecting the dots between artists, brands and influencers led them to branch out and collaborate with clothing brands.

Bossy’s bespoke event production would get them invited to work at Converse’s pop-up where the groundbreaking legacy of the Converse One Star was celebrated: The Converse One Star Hotel. The three-day immersive pop-up saw a killer line up too – New York’s Wave Queen Princess Nokia, Tiffany Calver, Jamo Beatz, AAA, Manara and CVSS.

In the true entrepreneurial spirit, as their ‘elevator goes up’, they also make sure to send it back down, so that others might join them on their upward journey. This isn’t one an elevator where you’ll find that intimidating ‘Women’s Only’ plaque as the doors open either. Since their early days, they are known to have backed acts from both genres.

Demonstrating the agency’s ever-growing capabilities, and their cumulative industry knowledge and networking skills, they have recently been working with an up and coming band, playing a crucial role in branding and creative direction from sonics to visuals.

“That is our primary focus at the moment. Three young girls, two from south London and one from Newcastle. They are called 303. From visuals to their sounds, everything has been done in collaboration. We have been doing it silently, but I feel like all of our energy has been put into that. And its just about to drop.” – Izzy shares.

And the day is soon to come. This Friday, the 29th, association with Soho Music Month Bossy LDN curated a panel discussion and showcase of pioneering women who are shaping the future in the fashion and music, which also marks 303’s headline debut.

Events like this are crucial to attracting more young people to the industry, but more than anything, they offer support and encouragement for females to stay focused in their grind. Over the past month, at least one of Bossy LDN’s co-founders were represented in one of many women in music panels across town: ‘Hox: How to Raise Women in Music’ board at Hoxton Hotel earlier this month, to the Youtube Music Residence also happening this coming Friday.

As our conversation comes to an end, both co-founders leave a message for you to keep doing your (best) work:

“If you are highly creative, start your own projects. Do your own IG, website, do that work for yourself. So when the time comes, and you have the opportunity to present your work to other people they already saw what you’ve done and what you can do. I feel that when you wake up every morning, you should think about what you want to do, and what you want from your life. You should always be positive and intentionally put positive thoughts out there. You will receive it. “

Words by Catarina Ramalho

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