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Aug 8, 2018 / Music

Ever since Amy Love and Georgia South formed Nova Twins only a short few years ago, the band have gone onto release a self-titled EP and numerous singles; that could be described as ‘rock’ or ‘urban-punk’. Regardless of what genre you would personally call it, Nova Twins have created a soundscape that is high-octane, empowering, and distinctly playful.

Tracks like ‘Bassline Bitch’, ‘Hit Girl’, and most recent single ‘Lose Your Head’ offer a no holds barred view into Nova Twins’ world. But if you wanted to get straight to the point, Georgia (Bass) described their project as “High energy, massive bass fuzz riffs, and huge gnarly vocals.” Admirably, the duo are more focused on spreading a message of celebrating and including diversity through their genre-defying sound; arguably making them important role models for young people of colour and female musicians.

“It feels amazing that we can shed some light on the diversity that is missing in the mainstream and in the band world! If we can support all types of women and encourage an honest reflection of what really is out there, then we are doing what we set out to do. Everyone is welcome in our house! We are bored of cookie cutters…” said Amy, the vocalist and guitarist of the duo.

From performing at festivals across the world and touring with the likes of Prophets Of Rage and Kate Nash, Nova Twins have garnered a diverse and dedicated underground fanbase. Not only this, they have also struck up friendships with other females in the music industry. Izzy B. Phillips of Brighton based rock band, Black Honey, invited Amy & Georgia to appear in a music video for track – ‘Bad Friends’. With an industry that is predominantly male dominated, it is fantastic to see female musicians supporting each other. Georgia thought so too.

“It’s amazing to have support from other females – it feels empowering to know that we’re all slaying it and there’s no rivalry involved just pure love. We have so much respect for Izzy and Black Honey, they work so hard and it’s so good to hear their advice and stories!”

The band very much channels a DIY ethos. Self-directing music videos, helping design the video sets, making clothing for live shows, and even starting a fashion brand (BAD STITCHES); it’s safe to say that the DIY spirit is integral for Nova Twins. Offering advice to new bands, Amy emphasised the importance of embracing DIY and doing everything humanly possible for the group; putting you in the best position for when labels and a management team figuratively knock on your door.

“When it finally does come to working with more people, you will be able to focus your work the way you want, in a coherent manner. The goal is to build a permanent team around you that you can trust and share the same ideas with. But it’s good to feel that you can be sufficient by yourself so you can keep moving forward regardless.”

Often you will see crowds going wild and having fun at one of the band’s shows. Passionate, energetic, and immersive are three words that perfectly sum up a Nova Twins gig. Alternatively dressed is an understatement when it comes to Amy & Georgia. Their punk-esque style, which is effortlessly cool, further highlights what to expect musically from the band. But when playing in front of new crowds, any ill-conceived preconception from the crowd on what the band is going to sound like is quickly dispelled.

“Most people probably think we’re going to be a pop/RnB band because of the way we look; boring stereotype of course. But after the first song people know what’s going down…” states Georgia.
Previously the pair said that they enjoy releasing singles and EPs, as you don’t have to stick to one specific sound or theme. But after touring, countless amounts of time honing their sound and with an ever expanding fanbase, surely an album must be on the cards soon? Nova Twins are excited for what the future holds next.

“We’re so ready to release an album… We’re excited to put together a body of work that we’re proud of and let’s people into our nova-world!”

Words by HQ

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