Meet Sarah Close

Naureen Nashid /
Sep 5, 2018 / Music

Since we spoke to Sarah Close last year, she has kept busy. After the release of her successful EP, ‘Caught Up’, Close has continued to work on her music and her sound. She also sold out her debut UK tour, which includes her second ever London show in Heaven, a renowned nightclub in the British Capital.

Recently, she released a new single titled “You Say.” She tells us, “It’s a super fun and energetic song about being done with someone who has messed you around. We’ve all been through it, that person who can’t make up their mind about whether they want you or not. Then when you start doing good, and they see that you’re over it, they try to get you back. This song is just throwing all that bad energy back in their face, and it’s sassy. I can’t wait to perform it live!”

The modern electro-pop anthem will definitely be a crowd favourite. It has a fun chorus that you won’t be able to stop singing for days, but it’s Close’s vocals that stand out and make you want to listen to the catchy lyrics. Drawing influences from artists, such as Haim, Charli XCX, and Carole King, the UK based pop singer worked with producer, EasyFunn, to create an uplifting pop song. With new music, comes more live shows, which Close is very excited about. “The energy of being on stage makes me feel so free” she confesses. “My mind lets go of any worries or anxieties I have, and I’m able to perform and have this intense connection with the crowd. Every show is a beautiful moment shared between everyone that’s involved in making it happen to the crowd that makes it possible for me to be there.”

Close has been growing her fanbase since the ripe age of 14. She had started a YouTube channel in hopes that it would get her voice heard. At 18, she headed to North London’s Institute of Contemporary Music and Performance to continue to work toward her dreams. While at school, she worked on her songwriting after seeing how many musicians were gaining success by writing their original material.

“The ICMP got me out of my comfort zone and challenged me on everything I had learnt previously about songwriting,” Close reflects. “I wrote ‘Caught Up’ on the course because that week we were studying rap music. Taking the pressure off songwriting and getting you to step out the box that you inevitably place yourself in was a worthwhile thing to learn.”

It was while she was at school that Close’s social following rapidly grew, leading her to leave during her second year to pursue a music career on her own. She’d been signed to Parlophone Records but departed ways to release music independently through her label called The Kodiak Club, via AWAL. Close explains, “I started The Kodiak Club when I released my first single ‘Call Me Out’. I left a major record label in January of this year, which gave me so much motivation and fuel to develop TKC into what I have wanted it to be from day one of its inception. The website is a place where I can interact with the people who like what I’m doing, and I’m having so much fun with it all. One day I’d love to sign and develop other artists.”

For the meantime, Close will continue to work on her music. She’s recently completed filming the music video for “You Say,” in which she dances, making her both excited and nervous. “This year has already been such a year of growth and challenge, and it felt right to bring that energy to a video,” she says. Gearing up for the release of her second single, “Crazy Kind,” Close is ready to bring more of her dynamic pop tunes for her fans. Describing the upcoming single, she says, “[It’s] a song all about crazy love, inspired by a very spontaneous trip to Barcelona last year.”

Take a peak on the new video for ‘You Say’, below.

Words by Naureen Nashid

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