Meet Victoria Magrath

Laura Stupple /
Oct 30, 2018 / Style

With a PhD in fashion, a hair ambassadorship with L’Oréal Paris and a global audience, Victoria is an influencer with a serious amount of knowledge behind her. She’s the lady behind the award-winning fashion, travel and beauty blog, Inthefrow and has been nominated for a Glamour Woman of the Year Award in the past. So she’s kind of a big deal.

Her glamorous style is met with a down to earth personality and ambitious attitude that has driven her career from University lecturer, to brand ambassador to the face of some huge global fashion brands. She personifies what it is to be a Thomas Sabo lady, which in her own words is “headstrong, ambitious, confident, bold and lots of fun. She knows who she is, and who she intends to be.”

Victoria has worked with a number of incredible brands, and has even been the face of Hugo Boss Watches and Ted Baker in the past, so why Sabo?

Well, any influencer/ brand relationship must be born out of mutual respect and understanding – the influencer must pick the brand as much as the brand picks them. In this case, the two parties clearly ‘get’ what the other is about. In her opinion, it’s “this synergy between us it what allows for such an easy creative process.”

As a content creator, Victoria works with a number of beautiful brands within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector, but as she says, she’s “never before connected and affiliated myself so strongly with a jewellery brand. I’m particular with the accessories I wear, and jewellery is such a personal feature of someone’s everyday look.”

Her personal style changes on the regular, so aligning with a brand that has one signature look was never going to work for her. It’s Thomas Sabo’s ability to fit any occasion that draws her to this brand, as she confirms, “some days I’m tailored, others I’m casual, others I’m head to toe in a luxury gown on a red carpet. So I need jewellery that can match my alternative styles. And Thomas Sabo has styles for every occasion.”

We’re all consuming content constantly. With influencers featuring so heavily in the everyday content we consume, the way that brands communicate with consumers is changing. Influencer marketing has allowed individuals to tell their own fashion story – one that is unique to them yet is easily shared with a global audience.

Victoria noted that “the influencer arena has really brought with it so much inspiration and new fashion information to the followers and audiences on social media channels and I feel that will only continue for the foreseeable future. There is more fashion information available than ever before, and that’s down to the number of people telling their own fashion stories.”

It’s because of this change that “brands are becoming so much more accessible than they ever were.” With so many touch points for consumers, the modern buyer has “a greater view of the entire fashion landscape, giving them more reason to fall in love with a brand or another.”

And fall in love with Sabo, we have.

As Victoria says, “Thomas Sabo has remained so loved because they haven’t ventured too far from what they initially started as.”

It is this, coupled with Sabo’s commitment to creating jewellery that means something that’s put them on the map and kept them there – with their new collaboration with Victoria Magrath proving that Thomas Sabo is here to stay.

Photo Credit: In the Frow

Meet Victoria Magrath

Meet Victoria Magrath

Meet Victoria Magrath

Words by Laura Stupple

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