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Tom Prior’s “Voicemail” Dials It Up A Notch

“Voicemail”, Tom Prior’s latest visual release from his “Paint the Ceiling Blue” EP tells the story of the conflict between youth and growing up, between the desire to hang out with your mates and the love of your life.

Framed against a backdrop of a night at the dog track with his homeboys, Tom Prior repeatedly ignores calls and messages from his new special lady friend, imploring her instead to “leave it on my voicemail”. She is clearly not a fan of this approach, mooning about on her bed beneath a pink light as Tom bros it up. But as he leaves the track and begins to commute across the capital, perhaps not all is as chauvinistic as it seems.

Prior’s commentary on managing life as a young adult is set to his signature chilled out guitar and hypnotic synth delivery. He quasi-raps lazily, like The Streets on Temazepam but the lyrics are on point and he never sounds anything but 100% authentic. “Voicemail”, both sonically and visually, is a tale of fleeting flashes of colour, the moments of joy that illuminate the mundanity and darkness of everyday life. Make the call.

Words by David Sealey

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