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On tour with: Dan Owen

Dan Owen has the voice from a soul who has lived a million years and experienced every element of life in its fullest.

Possessing a vocal that intricately bares all; the smoothness and cracks in the road, the artist pours his heart into his poetic lyricism and his everything into his performance.

Accompanied by his guitar, riffs lift his love songs with raw sincerity. Lined with melancholic truths, but rubbed with bluesy tones, Dan Owen’s tracks are intimate. From tender mumbles to rumbling rhythms to gritty rock n roll, they conjure emotion and feeling.

Doted on as the ‘Moonlight’ man; the artist with the wistful insight and the effortless balladeer, we joined him on the road.

Fly on the wall

“I think most people would be surprised if they came on tour for a month or two. It’s not all parties and champagne that is for sure! We spend a massive amount of time travelling from place to place in the van staring out the window. I spend a lot of this time replying to messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  There really are some massive high moments too, like playing shows and meeting all the people from the different cities. When you get to travel the world a little bit, there really is no other job like it in the world.”

Rules of the road

“Be on time and respect the people around you. And most importantly look after yourself.”


“I’m really not sure on the best venue, because they are constantly opening and closing and you rarely play the same place twice. Favourites so far have to be the Vienna Konzerthaus, because it is so stunning, and Hammersmith Apollo because it is the biggest venue I have played so far.”


“I usually try and find something local to the place we are travelling to so on our way to Galway we were listening to an album of traditional Irish music. But we do have one song on this tour that we keep going back to and its a country song called ‘Bury Me In My Boots‘ by a band called The Cadillac Three.”


“It’s really hard to stay healthy when out on the road – service stations are the worst places to try and find something green and not in a packet. I take a small emergency box of nuts and other healthy things.  It’s tough trying to avoid the burgers when you have to eat out on a budget every night but its pretty important when your trying to be on top form for the shows.”


“It isn’t a secret if you tell people! What happens on tour stays on tour. Or something like that.”


“I have a really strict vocal warm up routine that I have to stick to to protect my vocal chords. I don’t have any crazy demands on the rider for my ritual or anything. I don’t think I am too much of a diva yet!”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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