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The Tour of a Lifetime – Lucy Rose Takes Us To Latin America

Last month a rather intriguing email hopped into my inbox, it was one that caused me to go slightly giddy.

It read, ‘I would like to invite you to be a part of a special evening. I’ll be screening my documentary about my trip around Latin America, where my fans booked all my gigs and I lived with them whilst I was there. It’s a huge part of who I am now and my new record, so I would love you to see it ahead of the album release. Lucy Rose.’ 

English sweetheart Lucy Rose invited me down to a private screening of the twenty minute documentary, and the thought of this made those butterflies in my stomach tingle. Having fallen in love with her debut album Like I Used To back in 2012, to say I was excited is a slight understatement.

After a sour experience signed to a major label, Lucy was ready to hang up the guitar. And thanks to the powers of the Internet, Rose made a slightly strange discovery, a considerably large fan base that swept across the lengths of Latin America. Despite having never visited its collective of miraculous countries on the campaign trail. Also having never released any records in the Southwestern hemisphere, this idea was pretty insane.

But as crazy as it sounds to Lucy its no wonder why they wouldn’t have an appetite for Rose’s graceful music.

It’s with this discovery that Lucy decided to pack up her bags with guitar and camera in hand and head of on an adventure she would soon hold dear; an adventure that would change her life forever.

‘It’s the best thing I have ever done in my life.’ She says as she introduces the visuals that document such a tremendous experience. A tear clings to the edge of an eyelash, as we watch in awe. The whole screening room stares; captivated by the humble nature of the documentary. It’s incredibly inspiring. The whole documentary is an endearing experience to watch.

The expedition may leave her slightly anxious at times, but the connection she built with her fans that housed her whilst she was there, is beautiful. It’s a raw breed of friendship. Not only are the fans left absolutely star struck as they meet their idol; Lucy’s admiration towards her fans is incredibly charming.

The documentary is to accompany her third album offering, Something’s Changing (July 7), on Communion Records. The record not only took its inspiration from the trip, Lucy also wrote some of its delightful tracks there too.

It’s another absolute success for Rose. It could even be her best work yet. Her delicious melodies and gentle vocals float across a record that will surely be one of your absolute favourites.

Words by Lewis Smart

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