Troye Sivan’s ‘Bloom’ is a perfect, queer pop song

George Griffiths /
May 3, 2018 / Music

He blooms just for you

All the signs were there, but it’s so satisfying when someone you know who is capable of musical brilliance actually achieves it.

Troye Sivan has long treaded the line between too cool for school and an actual pop star.

The strut-worthy ‘My! My! My!’ was a great start at the beginning of year, but now Sivan’s released his best, most pure pop track yet in the film of his newest single, ‘Bloom.’

Let’s just get this out of the way: this song is gay. This song is very, very gay in the best way possible. It will make you want to have a lot of sex, gay or otherwise.

Troye’s spoken before about the song and how it was inspired by another perfect pop song, Katy Perry’s seminal classic ‘Teenage Dream.’ And even though the sonics of the two songs may differ (both are products of their time in the best way possible), ‘Bloom’ wears its influences on its sleeve and its DNA is infused with the kind of rose-tinted nostalgia that ‘Teenage Dream’ harnesses so well. You can almost taste the sunshine on your tongue.

It also speaks to one of the most defining experiences you can have in a young, queer life; finally meeting and connecting with someone on a level you never before and celebrating it in the most physical way possible.

We can hear a lot of sonic influences on the track; Katy Perry, obviously, but the song borrows and pays tribute to the 1975,  the most recent Paramore album and in many ways its 80s-synth aesthetic is indebted, like a lot of pop post-2014, to Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Troye co-wrote the song with his regular collaborator Leland, as well as Oscar Holter and Peter Svensson, who are part of Max Martin’s WolfCousins collective, which makes sense when you think about it.

A quick review of the things we love about  ‘Bloom’:

1. Troye’s vocals are very understated, yet filled with life at the same time.

2. The way the snare of the drum kicks as Troye sings the word ‘bloom.’

3. Oh, and while we’re banging on about the drums in this song, when they kick into fifth gear on that last chorus we got a tingly feeling in our stomach,

4. This could have really been an equally wonderful single for any number of pop stars, male or otherwise, but we don’t feel like anyone could have sold it quite as well as Troye does.

The less said about the naff 3D Troye in that video, though, the better.

And there’s a whole album of this stuff coming this year too!

Basically, ‘Bloom’ is the perfect, queer pop song you’ve been waiting for.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Bloom’ below:

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Words by George Griffiths

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