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trump in the white house

Today, my morning ritual of waking up, moaning at my ten thousand alarms and sleepily scrolling through my social medias was tainted; tainted, by the harrowing result of the US’s election. ‘Trump beats Clinton to take White House’ popped up in a red banner on my home screen and I instantly felt disappointment on a whole new level.

Winning by 75,488 votes, the red-faced Republican has managed to claw his way to the top, laughing and lying along the way. From the beginning, I had a bad feeling about Trump. Where did he come from? Does he even know anything about politics? America, what are you doing?

Trawling through my Twitter feed, I can see I am not alone in my confusion and despair. Similar to the reaction to Brexit, there seems to be a resonating, dumbfounded discourse which sounds like a futile attempt to wake up from a nightmare. “I didn’t think he’d actually win” appears to be a recurrent phrase. But why are we so surprised? Just like Farage did in the UK, Trump has fed off of the fear and anger of millions of working-class Americans, stripped bare by poverty and panicked by the impending doom by the hands of ISIS. I despair. However, at the same time, the racial hatred and prejudice inherited and bred by millions of privileged, white Americans has been amplified, finally giving them the chance to “make America great again“. Whoop-de-doo.

Well, I say this: Fuck you, Trump. I know men like you and I feel fear. I am not fearful of you, but rather, what you will rouse. I fear for the women in your country who will now realise that a misogynistic man can easily make himself the most powerful, misogynistic man in the world. I fear for the 9 in 10 black voters who backed Clinton with hopes that their future could be slightly brighter by making the best of a bad situation. In all honesty, I fear for the future of everyone.

This man, and I use the term “man”’ lightly, ran for President because it sounded fun.  He had some serious sour grapes when his true inadequacy was highlighted by Obama at his White House Correspondent’s Dinner, leading to a vengeful campaign stinking of toxic immaturity. His campaign has been completely egotistical; a way for Trump to defy all those who sniggered, mocked and doubted him in the past. Unconvincingly, he has insisted that he stands for ‘all Americans’ and only wants the best for his people. Apparently the best for your people also means building a fucking wall to keep others out.

In my eyes, voting Trump into the White House is a complete regression for America. Obama, the country’s first black President, now has to walk this imposter through the corridors of his home for the last six years – an imposter who, wait for it, has been congratulated on his success by a former KKK leader who wants to ‘take America back’. Baffled just doesn’t cut it.

Imagine your daughter bringing home a guy that acted the way he does, had a history of sexual assault allegations and admitted to winning her affection by simply “grabbing her by the pussy“. Would you not be disgusted? Would it not be your main priority to remove this Neanderthal from your home? For those with a modicum of common sense, the answer is yes. However, America has just paved the oh-so-pretty path to power for this man, setting them up for one of the most unpredictable futures yet.

Words by Claudia Knight

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