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university will change your taste in music, for the better.

One thing that every university student will recollect is the way in which their music taste drastically changed by the time they’d graduated. Mine, on the other hand, changed pretty much immediately. Without bragging, it’s pretty impressive I know, I was potentially the biggest indie-dreamboat around when I was at school. With Morrissey as my God, Alex Turner as my unknowing boyfriend and enough vintage shirts to clothe a hundred lumberjacks, well, you get my gist. However, it seemed as soon as I turned up to my first uni flat party, bottle of Tesco own-brand vodka in hand, that my love for grime and electro blossomed.

Admittedly my first University flat-party was at a DJ’s flat, so the change was pretty inevitable for one night at least. But then it kept progressing, and suddenly I was convinced I was Stormzy’s little sister and that I had the “sickest bars”. You just get into a pattern at uni where you’re meeting people who are the least bit like you, but you can agree on the fact that ‘Loyal’ by Chris Brown is an absolute banger. If you, somehow, look at my Spotify it seems that every playlist will definitely feature ‘Lock Doh’ by Giggs (my new pinnacle of grime song) and at least one live Jamie XX boiler room track. And it’s simply because with the former, people like being able to unsuccessfully rap along to a track when they’ve had too many bevs, and the latter, because people just want some sort of background music to their copious rounds of Ring of Fire.

And let’s not talk about the clubs. Luckily in my student-town we have an array of different genre clubs. But it seems the grime one’s racist, the reggae one’s pretty much always dead, someone got shot outside the main D&B one and the indie one’s just too much. So obviously I always end up in the same, sticky-floored cliché pop-club; but luckily they have an R&B room and a somewhat up-to-date main-room DJ. When you’re in this club for three hours, tops, of your night, roughly three times a week, you have to start changing your music taste. You literally have no choice- Brandon Flowers isn’t going to be doing a surprise live set in there. Suddenly you grow to love Kid Ink and Major Lazer and it blossoms. You then have a taste for rap and baby-electro. Which then grows into a love for heavy grime and D&B. Then suddenly you know all the words to ‘Hot Nigga’ by Bobby Shmurda.

And it’s potentially one of the best things that could happen. Being able to listen to songs that you would maybe frown upon broadens you as a person, and not just your iTunes library. Oh, and it’s a great way to piss your mum off when you return home for Christmas and she thinks you’ve turned “gangsta”.

Words by Mollie Mansfield

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