Vans of Venice

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Jun 7, 2018 / Culture

The first self published book by Harry Cartwright places it’s audience right in the heart of the Californian beach side town, Venice.

It was on a recent trip to Los Angeles that British artist, Harry Cartwright, became fascinated with the variety of vans he would see as he walked around the neighbourhood. From knocked up mini-vans, worker pick-up trucks loaded to the brim with gardening supplies, or seemingly abandoned mobile homes littered with the belongings of beach town dwellers – each van possessed their own individual personality and signs of character. Cartwright’s first self published book aims to capture those stories and the charming qualities he found in each and every one of the “Vans of Venice”.

harry cartwright

Vans of Venice

Vans of VeniceThe book is available to purchase on his website.

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