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[VIDEO PREMIERE] Cleopold shares visuals to infectious ‘Not Coming Down’

Shut your eyes. Take a deep breath. Dance like nobody is watching. And even if they are? Who cares. Multi talented Cleopold has just released the video to the infectious, West Coast-inspired groove, ‘Not Coming Down’.

This toe tapping cut is inspiring in every way, it’s tenacious in grasping attention and is full to the brim with licks and kicks. Having ‘Not Coming Down’ on repeat is the perfect way to escape reality, to a world where everything is okay and where stress simply doesn’t exist.

Co-directors Cleopold and Peter Ryle shot the video in Australia, and the clip features around 10,000 frames shot via rapid-fire photography. Notes Cleopold, “Peter and I have been close friends for years, and we had lots of laughs making the video. We shot some of the scenes at clubs in Melbourne that I use to go to as a teenager, and also a dance hall that we rented in the suburbs for $16 an hour.” 


Words by Joe Brine

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