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Tim Chadwick releases black and white visuals to infectious debut, Blindfolded

Only last month did newcomer, Tim Chadwick release his impressive debut in the form of Blindfolded. Based in Dublin, he’s already prepared for world domination.

The track sees to an easy listen of glistening cymbal rolls, rich harmonies and a huge crescendo. Open armed, it welcomes bare vocals and light acoustic guitar before bursting into a percussion filled chorus. It’s an ear worm of a debut, opening up a bright pathway for his next.

Today, that path is lit by a video for Blindfolded. A circular story, one that ends the way it started, immersed in water.

Chadwick leads a black and white mystery through a gloomy forest. “I’m not sure where to go,” blindfolded and lost in a wall of trees, the singer passes others in the same position, all held captive by the fear of what lies ahead. That question of “what if?” or “am I blindfolded forever?” floats through every footprint, covered by the desire to run free. 

An eerie aura is faced with his courageous voice, paired to the singer’s personality as he begins to swim to his escape only to disappear under a sheet of water. A beautiful track backed up by an enticing video.


Words by Alice Hadden

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