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Vivid Dreamers, The New Coast, are back with ‘Sleeptalk’

The New Coast are a duo that go together harmoniously in every aspect. Right down to the part where one is a sleeptalker, and one is a snorer.

They’re both self-confessed “vivid dreamers,” something that has subconsciously weaved into their aptly named single, ‘Sleeptalk’. Evoking hazy imagery from sky-reaching harmonies and moon-kissed keys, the single is a pop thrill of elegance that soars. A journey that peaks with cinematic drama as a euphoric rush to the stars.

“I think dreams and the reasons behind why we dream are super fascinating,” starts Nick, “I  feel lyrically I take quite a lot from dream like moments. I tend to take things I see and hyperbolise them. I think this is so I can personalise the memory, so I can see it just how I want to see it. Maybe we do this whilst dreaming too?”

Nothing that the New Coast do is simple nor ordinary, but they find the magic in the every day and that’s what makes their music so rousing and unforgettable.

If ‘Sleeptalk’ were a dream, it’d be a vivid colour burst that grabs you by the hand and tempts you to take a step into the unknown. It sort of takes the feeling of anticipation, the duo’s favourite emotion, in that it’s tentative at first; a little shy and coy almost. “I secretly love feeling slightly nervous about something, but getting good vibes from it.” Nick tells. Like the personal moment between two people in the narrative. “I think it transcends as a weird sort of happy feeling.”

The song came from a simple guitar riff loop, “as most of the[ir] songs do.” Capturing the hypnotic powers of the peaceful moment before you fall asleep, the boys were “completely stoked with the idea that [they] had.” Originally more stirpped-back, enlisting the production powers of KYKO and David Goodes, the track grew layer by tactile layer.

Having known each other for twelve years, the pair gush that they’re “brothers” to one another, saying “we literally share everything.” Their relationship was as intricately put together as a New Coast melody. Sharing ideas for lyrics from their personal lives, is something that makes that connection that extra bit special. “I mean that’s part of being in a band, sharing what we both go through with each other, it’s a lot easier to write a song when you bounce off one another.” says Chris.

Though the notion didn’t come instantly, and it’s the growth together that has strengthened the connection that so effortlessly transpires to the listeners. Putting their hearts on the line and their thoughts out there for everyone to see, “now feels lyrically like a flow of consciousness.”

The lyrics to ‘Sleeptalk’ have a very specific meaning to the song-writer, honing back to a specific memory from last summer, but can very easily translate as their modern romantic take is designed to reassure when needed. Sharing this emotion is something that the boys believe is “the happiness in listening to music.”

“We want people to take what they want from the lyrics, because they can mean something specific to each person.” Nick explains, “I like the thought of a colourful moment from our lives being documented in a 3-minute song. I guess you just hope people dig what you see in your mind.”

This way of release is catharsis at its very best, a process tuning very much in to human interaction, an idea that nourishes their forthcoming second EP, My Kind of Medicine.  “Sonically and lyrically, we’ve always wanted to set the scene with something that’s visually beautiful to us, and we’ve come into the second EP with a clear vision of the stories we’re telling.

“It’s awesome that we can soundtrack a cool visual that someone is creating in their own minds, from words we’ve written.”

So whether you see tranquil coastlines or a full moon of a night sky, whatever your dream, The New Coast have a song for it.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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