Destination menswear: Wandering Newburgh Quarter

Niall Flynn /
Dec 1, 2017 / Culture

You’ll find Newburgh Quarter just off Carnaby Street.

While the latter – the brave, bold and charming neighbour – tends to find itself as the first name on Londoners’ lips when it comes to picking out premier shopping spots, N.Q. is more than happy in its role as the quiet underdog. In fact, it probably prefers it.  

Tucked away, Newburgh Quarter is the kind of place that you stumble upon by chance. Once you do, it soon becomes your little secret: one that, try as you might, you’ll keep on returning to – over, and over, and over again. Featuring a warm and eclectic array of renowned and independent brands (plus a host of London flagship stores to boot, too), it’s a buzzing community, operating under the shared umbrella of collective ethos. Have a wander round: everybody knows one another, people who come have been coming for years.

While it caters for a wide range, N.Q. comes into its own as a destination for premium menswear. Featuring famous, big-name brands next to fresh-faced startup labels, it caters for the iconic, the indie and the innovative. To the uninitiated, the Quarter’s set-up – a London labyrinth of alleys, streets and coves – can be difficult to navigate; so, to lend a hand, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our favourite spots to visit next time you’re down.

You have to promise not to tell anyone, though.




It’s 2017: glasses are cool. Remember that kid you used to shout ‘four eyes’ at in the playground? Well, he models for Burberry now. And he matched with one of Girls Aloud on Tinder. Anyhow, if – like us – you eyes deteriorate by the day, you may as well look good while they do. Cubitts will sort you out better than anyone in that respect, with a beautiful range of bespoke glasses and shades. They’re all handmade, naturally, going through 50 crafted stages over the course of six weeks. Wonderful.

Destination menswear: Wandering Newburgh Quarter


C.P. Company

Do you like football? Of course you do. Everybody likes football. People who don’t like football only say they don’t like football because they’re scared of being part of something bigger than themselves. Italian casualwear label  C.P. Company understand this, and wear it like a badge of honour. Born out of the game’s terrace culture back in the ’70s, they pride themselves on bringing the traditional back into your wardrobe. Their outerwear is unrivalled.  


Ah, the city of Detroit. A great place, full of good people. London’s fine and all, but Detroit? Oh, they know how to make something – and Shinola have been reaping the benefits. Through five “Detroit winters”, the brand have been working to bring manufacturing back to the American city with a range of goods to last: watches, bicycles, journals, leather goods and shoe polish, you can get it all here. And, thanks to Newburgh Quarter, in London.

Destination menswear: Wandering Newburgh Quarter


Oi Polloi

If you know menswear, you know Oi Polloi. You probably worship them, in fact – and rightly so. The iconic Manchester branch celebrated 12 years in the business with their Newburgh Quarter store, which marked their first venture outside of their home city. Featuring a curated selection of your favourite brands, as well exclusive collabs that you won’t find anywhere else, this is – and will remain – a menswear mecca.

Laurel Wreath by Fred Perry

‘Ohhh, a laurel wreath, so that’s what the Fred Perry logo is,’ I hear you say. Yup! Who knew! All that time, you thought it was just a funny almost-circle. The Laurel Wreath collection will always offer classic Fred Perry – a sharp, signature style, and oh so very, very British. The Newburgh shop is home to a selection of collections (including footwear and accessories), plus  special collaboration and blank canvas projects with designers such as Raf Simons. (A laurel wreath?! We’re shook!)

Destination menswear: Wandering Newburgh Quarter



“Everyone should own a good watch,” said your dad, all those years ago. You didn’t listen to him mind, because you were a stupid little shit who knew fuck all about nice things. Well, things have changed now: you understand papa was right. So, we’re pleased to report that there’s nothing left to do other than get yourself to Nixon. The N.Q. store features a workshop inspired customisation bar, adding to the bespoke pieces only available in the Carnaby equivalent. It makes for a unique shopping experience, that offers a range of engraving options, plus a palette of cool component parts. Go get some.

Levi’s Vintage

This one needs no introduction. You already know. Levi’s Vintage Clothing capture a loyalty unlike any other label: this is a good ol’ Americana aesthetic, ladies and gents – and nobody does it better. Find yourself the perfect pair of jeans (historically authentic replicas of key pieces from the Levi’s archives) and keep coming back for them. It’s genuinely as simple as that.

Destination menswear: Wandering Newburgh Quarter

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Words by Niall Flynn

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