Ones to watch 2018: DAYA

Paige Tracey /
Dec 23, 2017 / Music

DAYA has won a Grammy, sang a song for The Chainsmokers and this summer, she signed with major record label Interscope.

All at the age of only 18!

The Pittsburgh raised firebrand; real name Grace Martine Tandon, has been turning the heads of industry moguls since her debut hits ‘Hide Away’ and ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ hit the Billboard Hot 100 when she was just 16. Now with her latest release ‘New,’ she’s hoping to surpass the huge success she’s already had.

Her achievements are the things of dreams, and what many artists could only hope to achieve in a lifetime. So, has the success been surprising to DAYA; does she have to pinch herself when looking at the Grammy in her closet?

“It’s so wild. I think I was lucky in that my music came at the right time, in the right place. People connected with it immediately. Winning a Grammy is, I think the most validating thing you can achieve as a musician. It’s such an honour.

“It does put a pressure on me to keep at a high level with my music but at the same time winning it was such a relief; I’d worked so hard to achieve it.”

Other than adding a Grammy to her impressive trophy cabinet, DAYA says that releasing her latest hit, has been one of her proudest moments. “When I wrote it I knew it had to be the song that I went out with. It sounds very fresh and it was also a new direction for me. Compared to my old stuff, it focused very much on a certain type of feeling.”

What will DAYA be doing in 2018?

“I’m still in the studio trying to nail out the next couple of songs. I’m hoping to grow a lot closer to my fan base and put on a whole bunch of shows. We haven’t made any detailed plans as of yet. There’s exciting things to come definitely, I just don’t want to reveal it all yet!”

We’re witnessing the embryonic stages of a pop superstar.

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Words by Paige Tracey

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