Ones to watch 2018: Jole

Paige Tracey /
Dec 29, 2017 / Music

The name is exotic, mysterious and exciting all at once.

Yet Jole’s music is soulful, mellow and completely understated. Navigating between acoustic and electronic sounds, the Brightonian folk singer has given us several beautiful releases over the last few months.

His talent is immense and his experience extensive- and yet, one could be forgiven for thinking that Jole is not a singer-songwriter but an enigma, going to extensive lengths to remain hidden from the world.

An internet search brings up information about an established Croatian pop singer; I guess straight away that this isn’t the character I’ll be interviewing. I’m relieved when I receive confirmation that the Jole I’m after does in fact exist; a confirmation that comes in the form of a warm and jovial voice at the end of a phone line. As Jole seems so unpretentious I must ask him; is the lack of information part of a mystique he is purposely trying to create?

“Admittedly, yes. When I launched myself I intended for there to be an air of mystery surrounding who I was and what I was doing. Now that people have seen photos of me and there have been a few press releases, I’m sure that’s dwindled.

“I want to find the right balance between obscurity and infamy. I’m not quite going to be a Banksy figure but at the same time, I’m not up for public stardom. I’m here to make music for the long haul, but it’s not fame and fortune that I’m chasing.”

Previously a member of Glass City Vice, Jole believes his music has changed markedly from when he was in the band. “My sound is a lot more mellow. However, I do still retain a lot of the same musical influences from when I was in the band. We were huge fans of Death Cab for Cutie, and the lead singer of Glass City Vice is still a big influence on my music now. Artists like Ryek are shaping my sound the most and though I don’t like using the term “acoustic” because I feel it limits me instrumentally, that’s definitely the route I’m going down.”

Unwrap the mystery and discover more of Jole’s musical intentions, as well as his plans for the new year, in Volume 22 of tmrw.

Words by Paige Tracey

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