Ones to watch 2018: L Devine

Paige Tracey /
Dec 31, 2017 / Music

L Devine’s unashamedly abashed pop music lives up to her equally flashy stage name.

While it may sound more like the kind of character to appear on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the moniker was adopted by this timid Tyneside 19 year old to avoid confusion with someone who had already taken her real name. “There’s a porn star called Olivia Devine already,” she giggles, “and with my first single being called ‘School Girls’ I didn’t want people to be searching for that and coming across a very different kind of video!”

Sweet and unassuming, its no surprise “Liv” was thinking of her fans when she adopted her new name. But don’t let the kind character of Liv fool you- the persona of “L Devine” is completely unapologetic about her sound and why she’s making music in today’s competitive industry.

“My music is unashamedly pop. I’ll always use that label. Pop music has got a bad rap for far too long, but now its making a comeback – classic pop in particular.

“It’s a lot harder than people think to go into a writing session and make something catchy. Mainstream music has been moving too far away from pop in recent years because of this snobbery. For me however, the R&B and trap music that is so popular now is just a different kind of “pop,” as is the acoustically-orientated songs of singers like Ed Sheeran. People need to be more open to accepting the label.”

What’s made L Devine so assured of her musical direction at such a young age, having only left school two years ago? Perhaps a look at her first single, ‘School Girls’ provides some answers. “The song was written when I left school. I was so excited to leave all the bitchiness behind but I got a shock when I realised in adult life, that bitchy mentality never really goes away. I’ve found it in the music industry but also everywhere, in every job I’ve had since I left school. It never leaves you. You have to grow a thick skin as a result.”

Though I’m sure most of use can relate to Liv’s problems with bullying in and outside of the classroom, 2018 is the year she’s going to fight back and launch her career.

Find out how by picking up a copy of volume 22 to read the full interview.

Words by Paige Tracey

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