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watch the world cave in with Matt Maltese

Some songs have a certain power to take you into their arms, they take you and they cradle you and they hold you. Just for a few minutes. Once the song stops, you’re alone again. But the memory? The memory is enough. There’s a fire in your heart.

Matt Maltese possesses this power in his latest song, ‘As The World Caves In’. It’s crushing in its emotional lyricism, yet it’s powerful with red wine vocals, spilling passion carelessly, swimming in it.

The style is timeless. This song could have been played on a piano in the corner of an inn sixty years ago. It could have been drunkenly cried in a living room, suffocating into a pillow. It could have been shouted at the top of anybody’s lungs on behalf of a lost one.

Yet songs can be double ended swords, when the context is known. The track is a love song for Donald Trump and Theresa May, sharing a romantic night together watching TV, blissful ahead of a looming doomsday. It’s witty, razor sharp but yet, a tragic reflection of nuclear fear. Played on repeat, it hits like shots of whiskey at the back of the throat.

The video, directed by Sam Hiscox, features the South Londoner as a third party on a couple’s final night together before their deaths. They paint crosses for their graves, share a bath, and kiss as Matt moves around them. It’s seedy, and both endearing and uncomfortable.

It even features a choreographed dance sequence starring friends from his fellow South London scene bands Goat Girl, Dead Pretties and Sorry.

‘As The World Caves In’ is already a classic. A dry, bittersweet and cautionary anti-love song.


Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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