Weslee’s artistic inspirations

Tanyel Gumushan /
Apr 25, 2017 / Music

WESLEE have always been enigmatic.

Their futuristic pop has bared its heart with soul, and their melodies act like gentle tiptoes of intrigue.

Single, ‘Gassed’, cast a spell of allure. Now having released a stripped back version, its minimalist production is one of enchant and on tenterhooks. The beguiling vocal captivates as it spins the raw lyrics, as soft synth flutters.

With little known about the artists behind WESLEE, they provided us with their artistic inspirations to give a little more insight.

Alexandra Gavillet (@alexandra_gavillet)

No Apologies Collection

‘Feels like you know the person without knowing them.'”

Weslee's artistic inspirations

Jon Gray (@gray.318)

Blind Spot Bar, St Martins Hotel

‘Making people realise that book covers are art, although this particular piece isn’t a book cover (oops)'”

Weslee's artistic inspirations

Becca Pecaut (@reverend_mosby)

Still from “Twenty One”

‘Rawness, Realness, Nostalgia'”

Weslee's artistic inspirations

Eric Dobbins (@allarecoolhere)

In A Frenzy With Star Blessing

‘Colourful, fun and headie…did he fall in the hole or was he taken by outerspace?'”

Weslee's artistic inspirations

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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