Wesley Fuller’s favourite places in Melbourne

Tanyel Gumushan /
Sep 13, 2017 / Music

Want a song that will grab your hand and spin you around a wooden dancefloor at 100mp/h?

Look no further. Wesley Fuller has already put the dancing shoes on his latest track, ‘Someone To Walk Around With’.

The slinky guitar traps you in its infectious rhythm, whilst a clapping beat hypnotises in bubblegum affection. Wesley’s vocals are effortlessly distinguishable, rubbed with a shoegaze glazing but possessing an air of cool, his voice has a strut that owns its attitude. Nosediving right into a bloody brilliant instrumental, this track nods back to the golden age of guitar music. And his hair has the spring to match the energy.

Coming to life in his home city of Melbourne, Wesley shows his favourite hot-spots and how they gave him the inspiration for that sweet, sweet groove.


Wesley Fuller's favourite places in Melbourne

Wesley Fuller's favourite places in Melbourne

Bruce Street, Toorak: “I was renting an apartment here whilst recording ‘Inner City Dream’. It was dirty and run down and the hot water system rarely worked but my bedroom was enormous and could fit my entire recording setup and instruments. This was where the magic happened.”

Wesley Fuller's favourite places in Melbourne

Wesley Fuller's favourite places in Melbourne

Ginger Light Hair, Collingwood: “I’ve been getting haircuts at Ginger’s for the last 3 years. Aside from being extremely savvy when it comes to hair, she has great taste in music, a nicely kitted out studio and a cute little Pomeranian called Marianne Faithfull.”

Wesley Fuller's favourite places in Melbourne

Leonard’s House of Love, South Yarra: “I spend many hours here behind the decks. It’s the quintessential 70’s love shack with log fires, shagpile carpets and earthy character. Everything about this place is fun and friendly. I feel very much at home at Leonards.”

Wesley Fuller's favourite places in Melbourne

Greville Records – Prahran: “Greville is like Wonka’s Factory and I am undoubtedly Augustus Gloop. Too many great record shops in this city to mention them all, but I’ve always found everything I wanted and more here. Money and time well spent.”

Wesley Fuller's favourite places in Melbourne

Yah Yahs, Fitzroy “When I first moved to Melbourne in 2013, I spent every Friday and Saturday night here. I met new friends, formed bands, danced like an idiot and got up to all kinds of mischief. Everyone has a story to tell about a night out that’s ended up at Yah Yahs.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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