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What’s On… with Bang Bang Romeo’s Anastasia Walker

Now, if you haven’t familiarised yourself with Bang Bang Romeo before, maybe the release of their brand new single, Chemical, will shine a light on what you’ve been missing.

Capitalising on their powerful live performances, Anastasia’s Herculean vocal, relinquished by her own all-powerful, emotional range, guides the band through this beautifully, bold ballad.

The video, directed by the award-winning David Dutton, features Game Of Thrones’ Ralph Ineson as the main protagonist with the rest of the band sitting around looking all brooding and photogenic and just downright dashing.

Catch the action:

What’s on…

Your mind

“Two things: why is my cat stalking me? And why are there no glitter pink boots online anywhere in a size 8?”

Your latest credit card bill

“My local gym.. haha! I’ll return one day, promise.”

Your Netflix queue

“Orange Is The New Black, love a bit of lesbian jailbait, Narcos, Black Mirror and EAGERLY awaiting Stranger Things! ’80s horror/sci-fi nostalgia at its finest!”

The walls of your bedroom

“Covered in framed paintings and sketches done by myself. Also, a painting my Grandad did of The Pink Panther about 30 years ago, love it!”

Your feet

“Dark green nail polish and my cat. She’s now finished stalking me, and has sat on my foot, lovely.”

Your phone app list

“Guitar Tuner, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and a secret app that looks like a calculator app; perfect for storing… stuff…”

Your bedside table

“Candles… fucking love candles. It’s become quite the obsession, actually. Especially scented ones. Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’. I’ve nearly finished it and SO don’t want it to be over yet, great read!”

Your bed

“White bedding, crisp, like those IKEA adverts and a patchwork blanket my aunty made! Talented devil.”

Your favourite menu

“It’s a toss up between Japanese and French. How can one resist sushi, then deny Dauphinoise?! I’m a total food snob and I blame my dad 100%.”

Your phone screen saver

“Me and my wonderful fiancé in Paris for Christmas! And on my lock screen, you guessed it, my cat…”

Your bookshelf

“Keith Richards’ biography, what a great read! How that legend is still alive I’ll never know… Misery, Carrie, The God Delusion, Romeo and Juliet and Alice in Wonderland.”

Your Instagram

“Pictures of the band playing live over festival season this year, artwork, food, what I get up to on my travels and you guessed it, my cat…”

To-do list

“Pack bag for our London show tonight

Vocal warm ups

Band practice

Have eyebrows threaded

My fiancé”

List of charities you support

“The Air Ambulance, they do an outstanding job. Not long ago I witnessed them in action first hand. Incredible. Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, I did a single for them a few years ago, it was overwhelming to be involved and the work they do is inspiring! And Macmillan Cancer Support, It’s very close to home for me, they are simply amazing.”

Dream dinner party guest list

“Samuel L Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Megan Fox, Elvis Presley and Neil Armstrong. Imagine the conversation?!”

Spotify playlist

“Radiohead, Royal Blood, The Wholls, Paves, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Black Honey, Blossoms!”

Headstone if you could write it

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings..

See you on the other side”


Words by Harley Cassidy

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