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What’s On with… Goat Girl

South London’s Goat Girl present acute portraits of equal angst and passion; it’s pencilled in by their discordant, laconic delivery and given colour by their honest, transparent nature.


With the band name deriving from an infamous sketch by the celebrated comedian, Bill Hicks, they seem most comfortable when they’re sticking two fingers up to millennial culture and not taking things too seriously. But now they’re signed to Rough Trade, following on from the success of their debut release, Country Sleaze, they’ve supported The Fall and they’re about to tap into the underbelly of a whole new, pissed-off generation.


Their latest single, ‘Crow Cries’, is hypnotic in form. Released August 25th, the song’s genius is in the blending of that signature, sinister dirge with swathes of eerie harmonies, making it both brittle and broad. Listen below:



Playing a stint of live shows across the UK this November.

What’s on your…


“Red, blue and then it’s just a cloud.”

Netflix queue

“Little Baby Bum.”

Walls of your bedroom

“A shard of mirror, a tiny remote, a dagger, Frida Kahlo, Ana Mendieta, things I find.”


“Heavy grade walking socks.”

Bedside table

“My two trusty hammers.”

Favourite menu

“Boiled chicken, brown rice, no seasoning.”

Phone screen saver

“Some flying water… I don’t really know what it’s doing.”


“Chess 101, a lot of Bret Easton Ellis… I also have a funeral service book just in case.”


“Scenic Simpsons, Joan Cornella.”

To-do list

“Master chess, jazz piano, sell my used underwear.”

List of charities you support


Dream dinner party guest list

“But I haven’t even thought what I’m gonna cook yet!!!!!(7gf fubkftc”

Party playlist

“Gwen Stefani, Ebo Taylor, a lot of Moog infused music.”

Headstone if you could write it

“There will be no headstone, I’m gonna get struck by lightning so hard I burn to a crisp.”


photo credit to Charlotte Patmore

Words by Harley Cassidy

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