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What’s On… with Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt is no stranger to the speedy existence of the music industries; five years ago she was discovered on YouTube, joined Ed Sheeran on tour and signed to Universal.

It’s a short amount of time to find yourself as a musician and inevitably, Nina’s folk leanings soon gave way to the glossy grandeur of pop.

However, the 23-year-old Scottish/Swedish native is taking it back to what she knows best with perhaps her most baring work to date. ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ is an affectionate narrative on Nina’s ascent; a stripped-back number, the song reflects on falling in love, getting caught up in the fame game and stumbling upon a music career for the very first time.

The forthright lyrics are her USP; just hearing her tell her story so passively, without any plural pronouns to hide behind, gives every line an impact.

What’s on…

Your mind

“Cleaning my shower.”Your latest credit card bill

“I should probably check that.”

Your Netflix queue

“‘Can’t Pay – We’ll Take It Away'”

The walls of your bedroom

“They’re scuffed from guitars and pianos coming in and out.”

Your feet

“Size 3 and a half.”

Your phone app list

“Writr, David Lloyd classes, Radiooooo, VHS cam, deliveroo, and the obvious.”

Your bedside table

“My boyfriend’s Rennie for his constant heartburn.”

Your bed

“I’m in it.”

Your favourite menu

“Expensive sushi when I’m not paying.”

Your phone screen saver

“Me and my boyfriend, eww.”

Your bookshelf

“Books on how to music.”

Your Instagram

“@ninanesbitt, always trying to keep a theme but failing.”

Your to-do list

“Clean my shower, find an outfit for a music video…”

Your list of charities you support

“Teenage Cancer Trust, British Heart Foundation, Nordoff Robbins”

Your dream dinner party guest list

“My mates from back home and Michael Jackson.”

Your Spotify playlist

“I have one called ‘Summer, Chill’ and I also love Lorde’s ‘Homemade Dynamite’ playlist.”

Your headstone if you could write it


Words by Harley Cassidy

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