What’s On with… Yassassin

Harley Cassidy /
Sep 13, 2017 / Music

Yassassin were formed from a gene pool of previous bands including The History Of Apple Pie and LUST.

They make playful, garage-pop with delightfully, sharp edges and are ready to shatter the “too cool for school” ideology that lingers around the music scene.


Anna Haara Kristoferson – vocals

Joanna Curwood – guitar

Moa Fahlander- guitar

Raissa Pardini – bass

Ruth Nitkiewicz – drums

Named after the Bowie song, which also means “long live” in Turkish, Yassassin’s main concern is to enjoy their ride as a band as honestly and joyfully as possible. Their songs cover the male gaze, societal power struggles in London and being a mermaid, all fed through a sassy, sneering, dead-pan induced dream which will make you get your arse off your chair and turn up the volume.


Taken from the girls’ new EP, Vitamin Y, Cherry Pie, is a swirling, lustful confession to obsession which is given some legs to run with it by its sleazy undertone and the blindness of desire. Vocalist Anna, drawls her narrative, sounding like a vampy-Siouxsie Sioux, whilst the accompanying video is a fabulous extension of the song, especially if you like your humour crude.

What’s on your…


Joanna – “How to make some money quick.”

Raissa – “The coffee definitely didn’t work, zzzzzz.”

Anna –  “Too much. I would like to get back into my daily meditation routine.”

Latest credit card bill:

Joanna – “I don’t have a credit card, luckily.”

Raissa – “Really scary… we celebrated our Radio X session last night and my card bill is telling me that we went to Garlic and Shot for a few (gross) and ended up at a gay night in Soho (standard), finishing off with a Chinese dinner at 2am (random).”

Anna – “I would not trust myself with a credit card.”

Walls of your bedroom:

Joanna – “just white paint as I’m moving house soon.”

Raissa – “some kind of curtains I made out of a kimono (bad but effective), Cosey Fanni Tutti’s exhibition poster of “Prostitution” and a Throbbing Gristle patch next to it, Pasolini’s “Salo” poster, a Saint Etienne promo poster I saw at The Social and pestered everyone to get me for my room, some sort of art I bought at the grrrl zine fair and a Primal Scream tour poster from their early days.”

Anna – “they are cluttered with photos, art posters and fairy lights.”

Party playlist:

Joanna – “X-Ray Spex, The Strokes, Rolling Stones, Breeders, The Byrds, Throwing Muses.”

Raissa – “some sort of cheesy 90s sing-a-long but also a bit of Northern Soul and Chicago House? Or New York Post-Punk is always perfect for dance lovers cooler at heart.”

Anna – “I Feel Love 12’’ version by Donna Summer.”

Phone screen saver:

Joanna –  “PJ Harvey.”

Raissa – “a screen grab of Jordan’s face with the word “chaos” painted on her cheek, taken from the film “Jubilee” by Derek Jarman.”

Anna – “A Leonora Carrington painting. I love her art.”


Joanna – “lots of different things: photography books, music books, fiction, non-fiction and a few knick-knacks.”

Raissa – “lots of music and photography. I love looking at old pictures of people that used to be part of some kind of subculture. Biographies. Also anything I can get free from work. I work for a music publisher).”

Anna – “too much beautiful stuff collected from near and far including Moa’s Indian coconut violin that can only be played after a suitable intake of Portuguese firewater, the scary paper masks designed by Finn Kidd that we used in the video for ‘Pretty Face’ and once it also included a living pigeon that Ridley the cat brought in as a gift of appreciation…”


Joanna – “not sure, I don’t use it.”

Raissa: “@raissa_pardini, obsessed with the insta stories, can you feel my pain too?”

Anna: “selfies of Ridley the cat.”

To-do list:

Joanna – “pack all my belongings up.”

Raissa – “Curing my hangover today is a high priority. Need to buy lots of veg. Start buying a set up for a little home studio so… interface, midi keyboard and a good mic. Find a good cinema club night. Re-invent myself and leave people I don’t need behind. Also, get a dog, but that has been on my to-do list for way too long.”

Anna – “Write an album that will blow mine and everyone else’s mind.”

Dream dinner party guest list:

Joanna – “The Beatles, Patti Smith and Kurt Cobain.”

Raissa – “RIVER PHOENIX. I have so much to talk you about.”

Anna – “Patti Smith, David Bowie, David Lynch, Eckhart Tolle and my Yassassin girls. I imagine there’d be some pretty interesting topics of discussion.”

Headstone if you could write it:

Joanna – “I think I’d rather be cremated.”

Raissa – “Ohhh Raissa, that crazy cat.”

Anna – “YOLT (you only live twice). Plot twist!”

Shit list:

Joanna – “Ed Sheeran”

Raissa – “coriander and pubic hairs. People that talk over me. I hate that noise I make whilst eating pop-corn in the cinema, is it not really awkward?”

Anna – “the scary mad clown in the White House.”


15/09 – Freakender, Glasow

21/09 Lending Rooms, Leeds

22/09 Liverpool Psych Festival

27/09 Rough Trade East, London

01/10 The Prince Albert, Brighton

07/10 – Nottingham Rough Trade 

08/10 Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

12/10 The Waiting Room, London

14/10 Night and Day Cafe, Manchester


photo credit to Chris Almeida

Words by Harley Cassidy

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