What’s on with… Palm Honey

Harley Cassidy /
Nov 8, 2017 / Music

Culture nerds and genuine, music obsessives, Palm Honey are that rare breed of band; an ever-growing organism, changing their sound and preferences at any given moment.


Joseph Mumford
Harrison Clark
Seb Bowden
Ayden Spiller

Palm Honey are an interesting entity, ready to chew your ear off about their love for free jazz and Brian Eno as much as they are about how tour means the exciting prospect of a new Wetherspoons everyday. Their road is a consistently progressive one, especially so early on into their career.

The four-piece, all Reading natives, once dealt in sunny, reverb-laden fuzz before swapping it in for something a little bit more, shall we say, tainted. After forming three years ago over a mutual dislike of their college course, the band’s sound has mutated and developed into something which combines the sordid and the pleasant with a respectful mastery. Ultimately, it’s refreshing to see a band so at ease with going down whatever route feels natural to them, regardless of how much it may challenge their listeners.


Palm Honey’s current trajectory is their best yet, from sleazy, experimental track, ‘Hot Simian Weather’ right up to their latest release, ‘Starving Hysterical Naked’. An ode to Allen Ginsberg’s infamous poem, HOWL, it’s heavy and tenebrous combining all the best elements of garage rock into one hell of a jam, touching upon elements of Thee Oh Sees. For a generation of music fans whose attention spans are shorter than ever, ‘Starving Hysterical Naked’ never stays in one place long enough to lose your interest, despite its nine minute running time. It’s just wholesome, fluid goodness.

What’s on your…

Bedroom walls

“Some fairy lights, a few prints: Hannah Hoch, John Stezaker, Henri Matisse. Some of my girlfriend’s art.”

Latest bill

“£3.40 to TFL.”


“Quite a lot, and nothing is organised! My favourite fiction authors are probably HP Lovecraft, Haruki Murakami, Samuel Beckett, Michael Faber, Cormac McCarthy, Franz Kafka and Thomas Ligotti. I’ve got some great music books too, by David Byrne, David Toop, Jennie Gottschalk and Paul Hegarty. I also have to recommend a little known author called JR Hamantaschen, check out his short story collections – they’re incredible.”

Party playlist

“Einstürzende Neubauten, Swans, Arabrot…”

Dream dinner party guest list
“David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Haruki Murakami, Samuel Beckett, Miles Davis, Arnold Schoenberg, Susan Sontag, Michel Foucault, Vladimir Lenin. Think that would make for an animated evening.”

Phone screen saver
“Special Agent Dale Cooper in the red room. But in black and white.”

Headstone if you could write it

“Deserved it.”

Netflix queue-

“I’m looking forward to watching Dark.”

List of charities you support

“Dog’s Trust and The Diana Brimblecombe Rescue Centre.”

Favourite menu

“Ganapati in Peckham is the best food I’ve ever eaten. I’m also a massive sucker for Mamma Dough pizza. Just about any Thai restaurant too.”

New music radar

“I’m very out of touch, but I just started listening to Palm who are great (good name too). The latest Bill Orcutt album totally floored me, I’d recommend that to anyone.”


Photo credit to Dre Tarphoxki

Words by Harley Cassidy

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