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What’s On… with The Shimmer Band

‘Majestic’, ‘euphoric’, ‘infectious’… just some of the adjectives aptly used to describe Bristolian natives, The Shimmer Band.

If you don’t believe the hype, then just catch them in action. A glistening, psychedelic experience with a stadium-sized glint in its eyes, they’ve pulverised the UK festival circuit thanks to an arsenal of hedonistic bangers and shamanic stage presence.

The band are set to release their latest single, ‘Sunkick’, which is produced by David Francolini and sprinkled with atmospheric guitar, driving bass, blinding synths and a general coating of Messiah complex – all Shimmer Band specialities. Cop a listen below:

What is on…

Your mind

“The blue sky.”

Netflix queue

“The Lobster, Groundhog Day, Annie Hall.”

Walls of your bedroom

“The original film poster for Dr No.”



Phone app list

“Spotify, Guitar Tuner, Instagram, etc etc.”

Bedside table

“A seashell full of silver rings, a ceramic dog, and a copy of Oliver Twist.”

Favourite menu

“The Clove, a curry house in Bristol.”

Phone screen saver

“A picture of The Shimmer Band on stage at Cardiff City stadium.”


“Alan McGee – Creation Stories, Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion, Charles Bukowski – Pleasures Of The Damned.”

List of charities you support

“Cats Protection, Musicians Against Homelessness.”

Dream dinner party guest list

“Stephen Fry, for his General Melchett impression.”

Party playlist

“Acid House.”

Headstone if you could write it

“There goes the neighbourhood.”

Words by Harley Cassidy

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