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Wild Front discuss the ‘physics’ of being a great live band

South Coast four-piece, Wild Front are an upcoming band at the top of their game. With a string of impressive festival slots already under their belts already this summer, the group are riding an inspired wave of success whilst generating a unique buzz nationwide.

Tonight’s meeting sees the band make a pit stop in Brighton for their latest performance at one of the cities best known venues, The Green Door Store. Any pre-show nerves they might have are strongly outweighed by the contagious excitement they possess. “We haven’t been in Brighton for ages. There’s something about Green Door, it sounds weird but it’s quite sweaty and gritty. It’s just a cool venue, it’s almost like a big party.”

The kind of band that thrives in small, dark venues like Green Door, Wild Front are perfectly suited to soundtrack a party atmosphere. Their sound encompasses a wide range of influences, although the band themselves find it hard to cite exactly who has inspired them. “It’s something we get asked a lot and we seem to have a different answer every time. We’ve all just got so many different influences that it’s kind of hard to narrow it down,”

Tracks like ‘Rico’ and ‘Physics’ are an example of the group’s standout material to date and showcase exactly how diverse their sound can be. “It’s a huge melting pot, there’s a couple of bands we all crossover with. There’s the 70s rock vibe, which we all love but obviously we’re not classic rock but we’ve got that kind of influence in there.”

‘Physics’ was one of the very first songs Wild Front wrote together and it’s a song that captures the majority of elements the band attempt to weave into their sound. “We like to have different elements of different sounds going in. Personally, I wouldn’t want a band that’s a one-trick pony doing the same sound in every song, whereas if we keep the production the same and obviously Jack singing, so long as he doesn’t die, then we’ll be alright.

“We like the fact that we have different styles going on. ‘Physics’ has got the proggy end, the funky stuff we do and the atmospheric chorus. It’s kind of all of our sound in one.”

Originally starting out under the name of ‘Tracy Island’, it wasn’t long before they switched to their current set-up and have been racking up awe-inspiring achievements ever since. So far this year, the foursome has played at several major festivals including Glastonbury and Isle of Wight and the good times have cropped up in abundance. Speaking of how they secured their much coveted spot at this year’s Glastonbury, they recall: “It was through BBC Introducing, they play our tracks a lot. Every time we have a new track out they’re really supportive and they put us forward for their stage, which is how that slot came about.”

Wild Front were also booked to play Festival Republic’s latest shindig, Community Festival and the group were selected to play on the N4 stage. “Community was sick, I just remember that being really fun and the catering was insane! 2000 Trees was a favourite too.

“It’s the first summer we’ve been able to play a lot of main stages or bigger stages and they’ve all been really good. There really hasn’t been a bad festival. Glastonbury was definitely a favourite because it was one to tick off the bucket list.”

The group’s live set is often carefully curated and sees them play to their strengths. With a few more festivals, including Boardmasters and Bestival lined up for the remainder of the summer, Wild Front plan to keep their strongest and well-rehearsed sets for these events. “With stuff like that, because it’s a different part of the country, it’s always going to be a new audience for us, so we kind of like to keep our strongest set that we have obviously rehearsed really well.

“If we go to Cornwall pretty much all of the audience is going to be new, so we kind of think we’d rather keep it the same, although it can get a bit dull for us. We think that’s probably the best way to do it; do our strongest set at each festival. Obviously if we do multiple gigs in somewhere like Brighton, we’ll change it up for those that come to see us regularly, but for different areas we like to keep it similar.”

All festivals aside, Wild Front are at the stage where anything could happen and they’re planning to make the most of it. “Once summer is over we’re looking at putting out a new track every month. Constantly writing and putting stuff out is quite important to us.”

The band’s recently released EP, Physics contains the aforementioned track and three other cuts of multiple styles and genres. Blending chilled out vibes with straight-up indie rock, the five-track EP is Wild Front’s strongest statement to date and they reek of a band with a point to prove.

When probed on whether an album is on the cards anytime soon, they say that it’s not for quite a while. “We’d probably do another EP before that but we will do an album definitely. It’s something that would be really cool but we want to be at the right stage where it makes sense to put an album out.

“We’re happy putting singles out at the moment, it just means we can be putting fresh stuff out all the time, whereas with an album you have to sit with that for a year.” Wild Front’s ever-increasing fanbase won’t be complaining about the lack of an LP, not with the steady drip-feed of singles and EPs the band are gifting fans anyway.

Wild Front’s ascent has not been an overnight one but be sure to keep an eye on them; it won’t be long before they’re everywhere.

Words by Lauren Wade

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