Wolf Alice are back – and they’re not messing around

Kirstie Sutherland /
Jun 13, 2017 / Music

You can’t get much better than premiering new music on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, but Wolf Alice have gone one better: being debuted as her first Hottest Record in the World in 5 months, upon her return to the station.

Almost two years since their debut album, My Love Is Cool, was released and became an indie kid favourite, the band are back – and boy, are they angry.

New single ‘Yuk Foo’ channels all the best of angry 80s punk, with thrashing guitars and borderline-screamed vocals from lead Ellie Rowsell, telling us that she just “don’t give a shit”.

From just a few listens, the lyrics can be read as the aftermath and reaction to a break up, of a relationship gone sour, with Rowsell defiantly opening: “Am I a bitch not to like you anymore?”.

It is a definite rebellion number, of not caring what anyone else thinks, and is pretty blunt in its delivery too: “You bore me to death / Well, deplore me”. In all of it’s glory, it sure does get the message across…

Wolf Alice are bold, brash and practically insolent on this track, and quite frankly, it’s a burst of new energy we all need from them right now. We’ve already heard this kind of sound on their previous efforts, in the form of ‘Giant Peach’ and ‘You’re a Germ’ but this is a great new development, and begs the question: can we expect more of this type of music from them on their sophomore LP?

We haven’t got long until we find out, with the debut of ‘Yuk Foo’ coming alongside the announcement of not only their second album Visions Of A Life, slated for a 29th September release, but also a UK/EU tour set for October and November this year. Tickets are on sale Friday.

Words by Kirstie Sutherland

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