Why Yeezy 6 is a welcome shot in the arm for fashion

Daisy Scott /
Dec 13, 2017 / Style

Whether you’re a fan of the man himself or not, a Yeezy show is an important date in the diary for all fashion fanatics.

However, this year, steps were taken away from the limelight of NYFW. Instead, Yeezy Season 6 made its way onto the multi-million-dollar body of Kim Kardashian-West. Of course, this is the body of the designer’s wife, but as an advertising campaign, it was, as the Kardashian clan themselves would say: ‘iconic’.

Over the last decade fashion has been evolving. Be it through photography, technology, diversity, it’s been a time for change. And now, with the new Yeezy line, it’s occupying a new tool for transformation: social media. Kim Kardashian-West is the most famous women on the planet. Her power over social media is phenomenal and it forms a major part of her marketing. With 105 million followed on Instagram and 57.6million followers on Twitter, she is quite literally the most followed women on the web.

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It gets results, too. For instance, Kim sold $10 million dollars worth of perfume in one day – a perfume you couldn’t even smell until you have bought and it arrived on the doorstep. Additionally, her make-up brand, KKW Beauty, sold out within minutes, bringing in a staggering $13.5 million in the process. She is a force of nature on social media.

In the span of two days, Kim Kardashian West wore 16 outfits from the new Yeezy collection. She tweeted every look – and the internet went crazy. The ‘paparazzi’ shots are not cliché, nor are they really paparazzi shots: they are branded photographs exclusive to the label. In the series of images, the most famous women on the planet went on ‘regular’ trips to get McDonald’s, or to do the FedEx run, revealing more from the brand’s new collection in each photo and racking up oceans of likes while she was at it.As social media become crazed over the plan, Yeezy became a social media monster – it was both an ingenious new ploy and a marvellously meta take on the notion of fame.

The posts from social media themselves have now been turned into posters, and seen across Miami. Which begs the question, is there still more to come? We can’t wait to find out.

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Words by Daisy Scott

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