Yoke Lore draws his ‘Goodpain’ EP

Tanyel Gumushan /
Oct 4, 2017 / Music

Adrian Galvin is an all singing, photo taking, frisbee throwing, yoga practising artist of both music and to paper, releasing his energy under the moniker of Yoke Lore.

A creative being is somebody who can not be easily described, for their wonder isn’t something easily captured, it is instead set free. But if I were to close my eyes and imagine the type of person who embodies the ideals, Yoke Lore is who I would think about.

The native New Yorker says; “The thing that I think conservatories of all kinds get wrong is the kind of singular focus they present as the way to achieve success in any field.” Explaining, “I am of the opposite opinion. I think what makes an artist’s work rich and relevant is its ability to embody and create perspective.”

Raised by two Freudian Psychoanalysts, who also happened to be artists and staunch religious advocates, Adrian explains; “I have been talking about my emotional life since day one, and I feel a responsibility to share what I have learned.” One listen of his most recent EP, Goodpain, and you can tell this is a person who falls asleep excited to dream, who wants to talk about beliefs and hear those of others and is in love with the world and what it can offer. Goodpain, is a gorgeous exploration of the fragility and stability of how the fragments of life are held together. Where his sturdy vocal curl with a bewitching glow, glossy electro-beats lather and fill in the gaps, ensuring that each track is full-bodied and an open gateway to a soaring soundscape. Tuning into his dreams, the tracks bare an ethereal glow, telling fairytale-like stories wrapped in skygaze harmonies.

“I feel quite intensely,” Adrian admits, “One of my favourites is adrenaline.” the EP is a definite shot of it, a catapult into an overactive mind. There are no still moments, because like the world we live, it always spins. Feeling that “art must have purpose for it to have value,” he himself feels a purpose and compelled to lay his inner-most feelings on the line for the sake of making others tune in to how they feel. “I love to be thrilled and am somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. I also love to be scared.”

The EP came to life during winter and spring months of last year, in a converted barn located in the middle of a woods in Connecticut. With no wifi, Adrian and his producer, Ariel Loh were “basically trapped with these songs for a couple weeks. We made food in the barn, showered, slept and recorded all in one big room.” Away from the activities that usually occupy his body and mind; “I play frisbee because it fires me up and gives me intense elation. I do yoga because it makes me think about my body and how my form informs my function in life. I take pictures and draw because it’s good to use yourself in different ways.” his thoughts fluttered into dream-like melodies that fill the EP; an upbeat celebration of the sense of holding it together – with the words shining wide-eyed and bright.

Goodpain offers a new sense of perspective, even the name itself suggests seeking for the positive in a negative. A guiding light almost, each song has an objective. You’ve just got to dive in and figure it out.

Adrian talks us through it, song by song.

‘World Wings’

“This song is about the moment I realised that the lyrics in my songs really mattered. I think someone had tweeted out a lyric of mine just as a quote, and it freaked me out. I didn’t know people were listening to my words. It changed the way I thought about writing. I had to really take responsibility for everything I said and every idea I gave body to. I need to always be conscious of the fact that people are reading these lyrics for the same reason you would read anything else: to learn something. So my work becomes articulating ideas worth learning and feelings worth exploring. I have to keep reminding myself of that. This drawing is the monster that keeps me honest.”

Yoke Lore draws his 'Goodpain' EP


“‘Goodpain’ is about needing to go through necessary periods of struggle in order to get to the good part of anything. For this song, I drew a gradient. I drew steps that change shape and size until they arrive at the seat of rest. Change is hard. Shifts in pattern, size, and place are difficult, but they always lead us to the next place – to the next moment with new information with which we can be new and better versions of ourselves.”

Yoke Lore draws his 'Goodpain' EP

‘Only You’

“”Only you can see the scars, and only you can run that far” means that only you can make your circumstances bad and only you can make it better. If you are in a shitty place in life, you probably got yourself there; if you want to be in a better place, you’re the only one who can do it. The drawing I made has vectors that are redirected – directions that have to redirected and then redirected again because we always tend to veer off the path.”

Yoke Lore draws his 'Goodpain' EP


“‘Beige’ is a love song. It’s about being afraid of getting lost. Love is such an intense sensation that I think we tend to lose ourselves in it. This song is about that kind of overpowering love that you start to feel lost within. This drawing is like love: a maze.”

Yoke Lore draws his 'Goodpain' EP

‘Level Tools’

“‘Level Tools’ is pretty simple. How do we make ourselves into orientation tools? How can we better trust our guts? How do we make our perceptions cleaner and more ego free? How can we be better level tools? I drew a tool for this. We should learn how to use our bodies as tools to help us learn what we need, what we like, what’s good, and what’s bad for us. If something feels bad, don’t do it. If something makes you happy, make it happen. Trust your instincts.”

Yoke Lore draws his 'Goodpain' EP

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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