Zoology are “lovers on a tropical moon”

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Aug 31, 2017 / Music

How many people do you know that meet over social media these days?

I’d say quite a few. Some of them meet through friends or through similar interests, for reasons such as work, hobbies or they just like what they see. For Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz, it was music. They created Zoology. When asked to describe how someone would imagine Zoology, the response was about as funky as their music.

“Lovers on a tropical moon – hovering over yellow palm trees, floating in pink oceans, the usual.”

Using Instagram as a tool to get themselves out there I asked how if it is important to create visuals in your music, or if visuals played a big part in inspiring music – such as their new track ‘Maroon’. “I think the two are linked.” they agree, “We’re really visual people in general. When we’re writing a song, the biggest thing is the emotion that spurred the idea of the song. We both have an interest in photography, art, especially indie films and anime. Often through the emotion drawn from other forms of art, comes inspiration for music. When you’re writing about a certain experience, different chords/words definitely evoke different visuals, we let that guide the process.”

Talking about the single, it’s discovered that it was the first song they wrote when they where side by side. That’s right. They created two songs – ‘Escape’ and ‘Negai’ – which have over 2 million views in total, not even being in the same room as each other.

“[Recording together] for sure affirmed our musical chemistry. It’s a song for the person you would do anything for, and no matter what you do won’t forget. It says a lot about the two of us.”

Confessing, “we sort of have a thing for nice colours,” the song is a glittering shade of maroon and as delicate and romantic as a red rose bursting vividly.

Emily and Beau also mentioned that the reception they got for ‘Escape’ was a surprise, especially how well it did early on. Again, touching on the fact they released this song without even meeting, its crazy. Maybe their constant updating and use of social media helped?

“Definitely. I think we’re lucky to have had so many people from the get go see that our actual music was about to be available on major platforms, rather than a 20 second clip of some idea we had that morning. It was probably the reason why ‘Escape’ had popped off so easily at the beginning.”

Asking about the future of Zoology and Music in general, they mentioned that they have two new singles, as well as their EP Bloom, and then potentially a tour in the fall. There is so much unheard content, and the writing hasn’t stopped, which means a potential album come 2018.

For a pair so immersed in the infamous digital age, they have interesting views on streaming. “Streaming seems like the easiest thing these days, it’s all either of us really do.” they explain, “Spotify’s probably the most widely used platform for not only streaming, but discovering new music. Personally it’s where I find 90% of the new music and artists I listen to, and so helpful as musicians ourselves as certain playlists can boost your audience like crazy.’

So if you haven’t followed Zoology, or listened to them yet, what are you doing? Who doesn’t want to listen to lovers on a tropical moon?

Words by Rory Barnes

Words by HQ

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