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by Tori Sharp

After half a decade hiatus, Chet Faker has arisen and is back for more.

Chet Faker re-enters the game with a stellar single ‘Whatever Tomorrow’ before the release of his comeback album. The Chet Faker project debuted in 2012 with ‘Thinking in Textures’ and he quickly became a highly-acclaimed artist. The project itself is the brainchild of Australian singer-songwriter Nick Murphy, an arena to produce and share even more music in a strikingly different way to his eponymous releases.

The new album reignites a feeling that we lost when Chet Faker took his harmonious halt, it’s funk and modern and hypnotic. A joyful resurrection for one of our favourite artists. We were lucky enough to get a rare interview with Chet Faker in anticipation of the upcoming releases and he tells us that this is the most rewarding project record he has ever released. So, with no further ado, welcome back Chet Faker!

Welcome back! After a 5-ish year break, what has inspired this return?

It was unexpected even for me. I think with everything happening in the world my subconscious went searching for greener pastures and that’s something the Chet Faker music always kinda for me. Good vibes.

What was the thought process behind dropping the Chet Faker moniker and releasing music as Nick Murphy?

I felt like the Chet Faker project had been oversaturated at the point and I really want to explore and experiment. It made sense to do that with a blank canvas.

How would you describe the Chet Faker project to someone who is new to it? Apart from the obvious, who or what are some inspirations?

I think there’s a bit of fantasy with the Chet Faker music. It’s lighter and lends itself to a release of tension.

Could you describe a difference in sound between your two musical personas? 

I could but I’ll leave that up to you.

What can you tell us about the upcoming album? Did recording as ‘Chet’ feel like a nostalgic return to something?

This album is the most rewarding record I’ve ever made. It felt light and joyful to make and I think that’s how it sounds too. I didn’t write it with the intention or knowledge of it being a Chet Faker record it just kind of unpacked itself in front of me and all of a sudden, I realized what I was looking at.

How has this past year been for you? Has it been difficult to keep up a creative momentum?

I think this past year has been a kind of dull nightmare for everyone. We essentially had the future ripped out of our hands in a way. I’m an introvert by nature so I found the initial stage a relief in some ways and was more productive than I’ve ever been. The thing about success is it takes up all your time. I was in my studio everyday recording and that’s essentially where this record came from. Personally, I developed a gratitude for music I hadn’t felt in years. I think I just realized how fragile and precious life is and that music is a gift pure and simple.

Can you tell us anything about your music-making process? Has it evolved since the first release back in 2012?

I’ve always experimented with my creative process. It’s rare for me to work the same way twice on an album. That’s kind of what made this new album interesting because in a way It was the same process I had for the earlier releases. just working away in a little studio locked off from the outside world.

“I developed a gratitude for music I hadn’t felt in years. I think I just realized how fragile and precious life is and that music is a gift pure and simple."

Do you have a favourite song on the upcoming album? If so, why?

‘Oh Me Oh My’ was my favourite for a long time. It feels like a movie opening to me, but the sleeper hit for me is So Long So Lonely, I think that song will hit proper on stage.

Who is exciting you in music right now? If you could plan a collaboration, who would it be with?

For me the whole EDM movement sent me looking back in time. I knew the second it started that it wasn’t for me, so I feel like I’ve been hibernating until that craze passed. I’m a bit of a sucker for the greats so I’m not always listening to new music, usually knee deep in some 70’s obscure record or something. Only recently have I started to hear stuff that really resonates with me. Tirzah was the first artists I’ve listened to in years that made me want to make beats again, which I hadn’t wanted to do for half a decade! Stimulator Jones is doing his thing and doing it well. I dig stuff I’ve seen from this kid Khi Infinite recently too. Kaytranada obviously…and anything Jai Paul does I love.

Are you hoping to do a European tour with this album? (A selfish question, as I would love to come to a show in Paris!)

I never thought I’d miss waking up in a tour bus, but I DO hahah. so yes. I’m psyched to tour this record and bring back the higher energy Chet Faker stuff for the live show.

Press play on Chet Faker’s ‘Whatever Tomorrow’ out now below.

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