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by Tori Sharp

The first single drop from her upcoming deluxe album feat. Smoke DZA is fire.

‘First Day Out’ is the newest release from Abby Jasmine’s upcoming deluxe album. Following the success of most recent album Who Cares? Abby Jasmine is treating us to an extended release, and listening to this first drop, we should all be very excited. Jasmine talks us through her feelings when it comes to releasing an album and the highs and lows of social media.

Describing her music as “sassy R&B or moody pop” is a pretty good place to start I’d say. Having been making music for a few years now, Jasmine comes across as pretty seasoned and level-headed. We spoke about the impact of receiving feedback through the internet and social media and she told me “I try to take it in doses. Too much of anything is bad. I love seeing different reactions and seeing how people grasp what I’m giving them.”

She takes inspo from some of the current greats, and it is easy to see these influences in her fiery music. Citing some of her faves as “Rih, because she’s able to do any genre of music she wants. She’s such a bad bitch. Frank Ocean when I’m moody. Future when I want to get in touch with my toxic side.” Anyone who casually refers to Rihanna as Rih, is pretty smooth in my books. Having strong independent musicians to look up to is important in this industry and Jasmine surrounds herself with people who inspire her daily.

We briefly touch on the experience of being a young woman in the music world and Jasmine was very positive about the future. “Thank God I’ve had way more good experiences in this industry than bad. I have a lot of people that care about me and want to see me win and are very protective of me.”

“I do feel though, behind the scenes I have to do way more groundwork and prove myself more as opposed to the men in this industry. That being said, things ARE changing, and women ARE at the forefront killing it!”

First Day Out is the first song she wrote after coming out of quarantine (not jail as some people were asking on her Insta..!) The pent-up energy caused by months stuck inside comes across fiercely, and with a verse from Smoke DZA to pull it altogether, this track is great.

Check out the video for ‘First Day Out’ by Abby Jasmine below now.

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