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by Tori Sharp

With a dulcet Dublin dialect that shines through her stellar lyrics, Aby Coulibaly is one to watch.

‘Long Nights’ is just Aby Coulibaly’s third single and you can already hear stylistic and lyrical progression, with each track taking a huge leap in the right direction. The latest song trails the experience of women tearing each other down and about learning to rise above it. Coulibaly speaks freely about using negative life experiences not only to add emotion to her music but to speak up and out about issues that are, more often than not, swept under the carpet. 

“I think it’s important to speak about it because as you said it’s not spoken about much. Not all women want to lift each other up maybe due to envy or jealousy or whatever the reason but it’s important to understand that it’s more of a reflection on them and not on you. I think in society women are taught subconsciously to compete with one another whether it’s for a males attention or for other reasons because let’s not forget the patriarchy profits off of our insecurities and we need to acknowledge that and hype each other UP.”

When it comes to hyping up, Coulibaly’s music just does that. The funky, fresh energy that subconsciously makes your head nod and your feet tap is infectious. “It’s energetic and I feel that’s the type of shit people need to hear right now to lift them up and make them feel good.”

Her progression into music has been an organic one and the journey is only just beginning. Having grown up listening to an eclectic mix of reggae, Senegalese hip hop and 90s R&B/rap, her influences are varied and vast and they blend together seamlessly. The melodies are hypnotic but when she raps you are knocked back to life as her Irish accent catapults you to the Emerald Isle. Coulibaly’s sound is really original and entrancing. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself below now! 

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