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Aliyah’s Interludedrops new single 'Fashion Icon'

by HQ

"I would describe my music as an extension of who I am as a person."

Music and fashion go hand in hand, how would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as an extension of who I am as a person, so #Aliyahcore, mixing fashion with every genre of art is my main goal in life. So super girly, fun, but empowering at the same time.

Your music video “It Girl” exploded on socials, what inspired “It Girl” – was there a specific experience?

Honestly, no. No specific experience inspired it but more of me expressing how I feel about myself in the truest way possible. I’m an IT girl every day of my life and I just wanted the world to know.

The visuals in the video are so captivating, how did you decide on those visuals – what did you hope that they communicated?

I wanted the visuals to have a raw city feel, because that’s so #aliyahcore. I also wanted the people I love the most, my friends, to be in it. They’re all super cool and it just made sense.

Aliyah’s Interlude has over 500M TikTok video views for #Aliyahcore, did you ever expect that response? How has it affected you?

I honestly had no idea this many people would ever love my style this much or as much as I do. It’s been a surreal experience, to say the least. Seeing people do #Aliyahcore outfits just makes my day, I love it.

How would you describe your style?

  • My style is eclectic, fun, & girly with inspirations from kawaii fashion, streetwear, and black alt fashion.
  • What are you most excited to share with fans next?

  • I’m most excited for my fans to hear my next single “Fashion Icon.” It’s similar to “IT Girl” but also completely different. It’s super CUNT, to say the least, haha.
Hope Glassell
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