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by Megan Armstrong

The London-based artist carried her momentum from 2019 into the top of the new year with EP 'Midnight Rendezvous,' released on Jan. 24.

What Alysha’s five-track EP doesn’t have in length, it makes up for in depth. Each track plummets listeners down an emotional rabbit hole, and her silky voice hypnotizes listeners into forgetting about anything else.

Two of the tracks, “David Attenborough” and “Dreams,” are previously released singles but fit seamlessly alongside title track “Midnight Rendezvous,” “Love or Lust” and “Boys Hurt You.”

“David Attenborough” and “Midnight Rendezvous” feature pulsating, classic R&B beats awaken the body while relatable lyrics ease the mind. Guitar-based “Love or Lust” slows it down to contemplate what is real and what is not before “Boys Hurt You” and “Dreams” follow suit lyrically but reincorporate the earlier beats. It is all streamlined by Alysha’s delivery.

“This is deeper than just a one time thing / The night is young and so are we,” Alysha sings in “David Attenborough.” She is speaking to a spark felt between her and a romantic interest, but the line can be applicable in a more abstract sense to her EP. This small collection of songs is the beginning of something more.

Alysha called Midnight Rendezvous “a labour of love” in an Instagram post, and that claim can be felt in each of the EP’s 16 minutes. She teamed up with the likes of AKA Block, Barney Cox, David Tickle and Dray Francis to bring it to life.

Stream the full EP below.

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