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An Evening With:

To make up for skipping New York at last year’s Youth Tour, the boys were back for a two-night show at the soon-to-be-closed PlayStation Theater.

It was a Friday evening. Fans gathered in droves with their white and teal-accented light bands to show support for the five-piece. Considering DAY6 is not your ordinary K-pop group, but an idol rock band, the setting at the venue was fitting; half seated half standing.

Lights went out. And the show began as a video accompaniment played as their introduction. Each member walked out one by one — Dowoon walked to his drum set, Sungjin to his guitar, Wonpil to his keyboard, Young K to his bass and California-native Jae to his guitar. So it began.

The drum and claps from the stage to the audience were bone-chilling and in sync to the first few beats of “Best Part.” DAY6 kept their word from the start when they produced their latest EP, The Book of Us: Gravity, with the intent to make concert-feel tracks. The crowd’s response was evident. To the beat of Dowoon’s drums, keys began to play on Wonpil’s end, as strings off Jae and Sungjin’s guitar were strung, and so were the ones on Young K’s bass.

Throughout the night the band performed songs from past discographies including heart-wrenching classics like “I Need Somebody”, “You Were Beautiful” and their debut single “Congratulations.” Fan favourites such as their latest single “Time of Our Life”, “Feeling Good”, and “I Wait” had the crowd swaying and dancing to the beat. However, what seemed to be the most anticipated track live was “Wanna Go Back” due to drummer Dowoon having a line in the song.

DAY6’s setlist included an impressive collection of mashups containing their songs and covers of some popular western hits. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” transitioned into “Like That Sun”, followed by Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” blended with their retro-pop track “days gone by” and ending it off with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and their old track “Blood.” (Not to mention Dowoon also had a couple of lines to himself.)

The multi-talented quintet did their fair share of fan service, interacting with them, communicating with them, especially members who aren’t fluent in English made a fantastic effort to communicate.

DAY6’s show was a stress-free zone. As I remember Jae inviting fans to their show during Build Series, he asked them “to bring all their baggage” and let them loose as everyone shares “the same emotions and feelings” through their music. And they did just that. Perfectly.

Words by Lai Frances

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