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by Lai Frances

Spend a night with the smashing septet you need to know...

Dreamcatcher isn’t your typical pop group. There’s an edge to them that makes them a standout K-pop act on their own. Blending metal and punk into their music, the septet is a powerhouse that caters well to InSomnia (their fans), especially those who’ve gone through their punk/rock/emo to K-pop pipeline.

In a crowded room at the Palladium Theater in New York, JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon turned up on Tuesday night to kick off their Apocalypse: Save Us tour across eight states in the US. The last time Dreamcatcher touched base in the U.S. was late 2019 for their showcase tour. Now, over the course of the pandemic, the group has grown its fanbase with their hits like ‘Scream’, ‘BOCA’, ‘BEcause’ and their first winning hit ‘MAISON’.

Opening the night with ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind’, the group takes a laid-back and casual route to their opening, rather than a dramatic theatrical one with heavy lighting effects and props. They approach and greet fans, while also taking care of them at the same time. “When we performed the first song, I teared up because it was like a really long time since we had seen the guests and audience,” leader JiU recalls what happened the night before.

“I was worried when I heard we were going to do the U.S. tour,” Dami, the main rapper expresses, “We rested for two years and I was worried that a lot of fans wouldn’t come to the concert. There were more people in the audience than I expected so I was really excited and I prepared a lot because I was so excited to see the fans again.” The other members nodded in agreement, some saying “that’s right!” beneath their breath in Korean.

The group just made their European festival debuts, one of which was Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain, where they have been anticipating taking part in since last year.

“We were preparing for more than a year,” Sua explained, “It was such a big stage, so it was like a dream stage for me and for the other artists. We prepared really great songs for the setlist because I wanted to show everyone ‘this is the Dreamcatcher.’ This was an audience who saw us for the first time and I wanted to show all our fans, and those people seeing us for the first time — that in one hour, this is the Dreamcatcher stage and looks.”

But what the seven members didn’t expect was the heightened excitement of mosh pits during their set. “I saw that!” Sua responded. Yoohyeon joins in, “We feel proud because the audience is enjoying our song.”

After explaining the different types of behaviour they could expect at a rock concert, especially in the western hemisphere, it’s now safe to say the group is aware of what moshpitting is, as well now as the phrase, “Open up the pit!” (“Cool tip!” Sua says as Yoohyeon throws a thumbs up repeating her newly learned phrase.)

While mosh pits and screams tend to lean towards the major fun aspects of a show – “When fans yell Dreamcatcher before the show starts, I feel really touched and proud and excited,” Handong says – incidents of fainting or passing out are the opposite. Dreamcatcher’s show witnessed both and the group did not hesitate to stop the show and call attention to help someone in the crowd or distribute water to the audience. “It was only right for us to do that,” they all said and nodded, agreeing that prioritizing one’s safety and health is always key. Especially their InSomnia.

The Dreamcatcher Company girl group is currently on their fifth year in the industry, though for some, it may be seven. Thanks to the support and love received all over the globe, Dreamcatcher’s recent hit “Maison” landed them their first ever music show win.

“I thought it was like a dream,” Yoohyeon answers. “I didn’t expect to be in first place, so when I heard the song was ranking a point higher, I thought it was like a dream. I can feel the love from the InSomnias at that point even though we couldn’t see the fans [up close] due to the pandemic.”

As the group celebrates major wins this year, the members of Dreamcatcher have kept themselves grounded with some sayings they tell themselves. “My motto is there’s no right answer,” Dami says. “So whatever I do is the answer I believe so I want to do what I want to do with confidence.”

So what’s the secret behind Dreamcatcher? “Makeup,” JiU says as a domino effect of chuckles can be heard from the members sitting next to her. Sua piggybacks off what was said: “I love our hair and makeup!” she smiles,“Then when I put on the stage outfits, I feel like I turn into a Dreamcatcher like I’m wearing a Spiderman suit from the Marvel movie.”

“We have our own characteristics and we [make sure to] show that to the fans,” Siyeon chimes in. “It was really surprising for me since there’s so many different fans in different countries who recognize us. I’m trying very hard to be a better person because there’s so many fans looking at us and loving us.”

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