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by Kyle MacNeill

Self-proclaimed ‘professional slut’ Baby Rose is making us all feel a billion bucks with her red-hot confidence.

Baby Rose’s Instagram bio puts your deadass LinkedIn intro to shame: Popstar, Professional Slut. Aside from being a contender for the finest business card copy we’ve ever seen, it perfectly sums up her no-fucks-given attitude. If you thought her feed was a little on the NSFW side (‘Bring Your Slut to the Beach Day’ is a particular highlight in her Google Calendar), wait until you wrap your ears around her pop (‘I like good dick, I like it really juicy and I like it thick’, goes ‘Good Dick’).

While we’re absolutely here for this energy, especially after the barren days of lockdown, we’re equally enamoured by a sweeter side to Baby. Her captions are sprawling paeans to the reader, reminding you of how great you are (yes, you!) and generally giving us a jab in the arm of self-love. The Vancouver-based queer artist is ready to shatter stigmas surrounding sex work and mental health, making you feel dizzyingly hot in the process.

Teaming up with photographer Jordie Hennigar for a supernatural shoot at the beach, Baby caught up with us and chatted hot girl summer, why we should all endorse slutty feminism and how to ward off evil spirits.

Baby, how’s it going? How’s Vancouver at the moment?

I’m great! Hot girl summer is just beginning here on the west coast, so I’m soaking up all the sun, feeling good, looking glossy, and just being hot af! I just moved to the city and I could not be happier, it’s a dream come true being surrounded by nature all while living in the hustle and bustle of the city.

You’re a self-proclaimed ‘professional slut’ – why is ‘slut’ such a loaded term in society and is it important to you to reclaim the term and identify as one?

I am a slut! Proud to be one and proud to uplift other sluts. I grew up in a conservative town with one catholic high school, where I was constantly made to feel ashamed for celebrating the body I am in and the nature of my sexuality. As a dancer from an early age, I had a unique and difficult relationship with my body and the rigid standards that were placed upon it before I was even able to be comfortable in it and own it. After almost a decade of hating everything about my body and feeling ashamed for celebrating the powerful, sexual being that makes me Baby Rose, I decided to liberate myself through music that releases the inner slut within. After being called a slut for so long, I figured I was going to give the biggest fuck you to the small-minded people who tried to make me smaller with the term and say… “the only thing bigger than my power is my love for good dick”! I’m a slutty feminist who celebrates female-identifying individuals who own their body as a spiritual and sexual vehicle for self-discovery and change. Being judgmental may make you feel powerful in the moment, but being a self-proclaimed slut will make you powerful forever! And where there is one slut… there are many sitting on the other side of the computer waiting for someone to scream “I’m a pro, I’m a hoe, I’m a slut… if I know I am, so what!” If I have to get some bruises along the way to uplift others, let’s just call it s&m.

Your lyrics don’t hold back – what stigmas are you trying to break?

I don’t hold back! I’m a full-throttle kind of girl! It’s all or nothing baby! I hope that my courage to speak so openly and honestly will help break the stigma surrounding sex work, mental health, and body image. The hope is that people can listen to my music and forget about that voice inside their head even just for a minute. Stop judging yourself, stop judging others, accept who you are, know you’re hot, know that you’re destined for greatness. Dance, sing, let loose, and show the world all you’ve got!

We’re obsessed with your mission to make everyone feel hot. Why is it empowering to feel that way as individuals?

YESSS! Who doesn’t want to feel hot? I feel like everywhere I look we are constantly surrounded with reminders that we are not good enough, not hot enough, not thin enough, not curvy enough. It’s all just so exhausting and gross! I want people to know you’re not cocky or full of yourself for thinking you’re sexy, you should be proud of your body and love every inch of it! You should know your worth and never settle! Tell everyone you know that you feel hot! Tell everyone you know that they’re hot!! Feeling hot is contagious, so spread it! All I can think is when I’m 90 years old, wrinkly, and grey I’m gonna be so proud of who I am today, and so grateful that I appreciated my body and everything it’s done for me. I won’t be lying around caring if people thought I was slutty or not.

What’s the story behind this photo series? Talk us through the look and why you chose to hit the beach.

I was living in a surf town on the west coast of Canada, so going to the beach was a daily ritual. However, this particular day it happened to be freezing and the wind was howling. I also decided I wanted to wear my favourite rhinestone cowboy outfit and 10 inch pleaser boots because as for tradition, I never dress for the weather. I adore Jordie’s work and trust her entirely. I know that whenever we work together the art that we create is worth any amount of pain or freezing. Jordie placed the red veil over me and told me that the Romans wore red veils to warn off evil spirits. Together we were warning off and silencing any voices of self doubt and showing the world that we are here and ready to create some unforgettable art.

Your Instagram is heaps of fun – what’s your one bit of advice for any budding content creators?

It sounds tacky, but you have to have fun! Do what you love and people will notice. I live in a fantasy world and my instagram is a way for me to show people a glimpse into my wild life. If you are no longer having fun creating, take a moment to check in, and evaluate what it is that you want to accomplish on social media. Just do you! Trust me you are cool enough, hot enough, and talented enough, you don’t need to be anything else!

Lastly – what’s tmrw looking like for you?

tmrw is looking like a perfect day to be a hot slut! Drinks on the beach and searching for a sugar daddy with a boat! Wanna join me?

Erm, yes?! Thanks Baby.

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