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BE GOOD:'Reflection of the Moon'

by Megan Armstrong

The four-piece Oxford band is comforted by the mundane in their new single.

BE GOOD’s “Reflection of the Moon” cover art says it all.

We are all living in some form of lounging around with nothing but socks on during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

But just for good measure, lead vocalist Ash Cooke provided tmrw with insight into exactly what the song is trying to convey:

“In a world where nobody knows what the fuck is happening, this song celebrates the peace that can be found in small everyday moments. Sometimes when things are going wrong in my life or around the world it can feel all-consuming, and I can find it hard to deal with. But I had a couple of moments recently where I was with people I care about and found a lot of comfort in just slowing down and existing with them for a while, watching television or eating together. Mundane domestic activities can bring a certain sense of comfort, especially when everything else feels so out of control. We wanted to make glossy and celebratory music out of that little feeling.

“This song was written before everyone was self-isolating, but since we started having to spend all our time indoors, some of the themes in the song took on a new resonance. It’s going to be a very difficult time for so many people who won’t have the luxury of spending more time with people, or for whom ‘slowing down’ is going to mean that they’ll be struggling to get by. But if you’re fortunate enough to be able to slow down a bit and spend time with people you love, I hope you understand what I’m saying.”

The sonics are perfect for a cozy night in, and Cooke’s silky delivery only adds to the intimate vibe. The track comes across like a voice note made in private then leaked.

“Did I do enough to fit in?” Cooke sings. “So is it the real thing? / Or something only I see? / I was believing that it’s the only thing I need / ‘Cause I watched you breathing while you were watching TV / And I was left feeling like it’s the only thing that’s making sense to me.”

If you look close enough, even at something as far away and vast as the moon, you can see what you want to see in the reflection. There’s hope in that.

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