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by Lola Christina Alao

An exclusive look into the making of Josie Man's new music video for 'Cuts & Bruises'.

The sentimental and romantic ‘Cuts & Bruises’ is a reflection on energy, emotional and physical health and loving support. Centered around Josie’s partner as a healing presence in her life: someone who helps heal her emotional cuts and bruises whilst providing love and support. It’s just as introspective, honest and intimate as previous tracks such as the recent ‘Grow’, a Gen-Z appropriate pop track that speaks on the need to adapt and change through your life experiences: “I’ve been hurt, lessons learnt but nothing ever grows without it.”

To celebrate the message of love of ‘Cuts & Bruises’, the accompanying video is a playful and positive visual full of romance and happiness. Josie sings to the camera amongst the sugar-sweet scenery of pastels and florals galore, as love is celebrated around her with cute couples, including her and her own boyfriend. Exclusively for tmrw, Josie takes us behind the scenes of the intimate video.

Josie released her debut single ‘Colours’ towards the end of 2019, and later released her debut EP aLOVINGboothang in February last year. Her mission is to bring her quest for kindness to the world and largely communicates this through the overarching notion of love: for both herself and those around her.

Growing up, Josie’s sound was inspired by the likes of Avril Lavigne and Bee Gees. She previously said that she liked “really girly American R&B”, and “Hairspray the musical and The Little Mermaid”. You can hear the sweetness seep into her work, with thoughtful lyrics and the vital message of kindness.

If Josie isn’t already on your playlist, like she is ours, what are you waiting for?

Josie Man’s ‘Cuts & Bruises’ is out now. Scroll down for a look behind the scenes of the music video.

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