Better Together
Meet NiNE8

The 9-strong group is made up of an eclectic mix of individuals whose presence in anything they do doesn’t go unnoticed. Their new project 'No Smoke', is out today.

Kick-started by West London rapper, Lava La Rue, the 9-strong collective is made up by an eclectic mix of creative individuals. Biig Piig, Lava La Rue, Bone Slim, Nayana IZ, LORENZORSV, L!BAAN, Nige, KxRN and Mac Wetha – joined forces to create, perform and promote British underground talent across the spectrums of art, music, and fashion.

Speaking with two of the members, Nige and Lorenzo, their investment in and passion for NiNE8 is enough to make everyone want to be involved. Lorenzo explains: “Lava started NiNE8 and would put on different events in London which is how I found them. We’re a network of like-minded individuals who basically deem each other as family. When we’re working on a new track, for example, we all have an input and we’re all on the same level.”

NiNE8 aren’t just about their music – they’re also big on creating waves through their original fashion and art pieces. Nige explains: “We have a lot of people that want to collaborate with us, we all have our own styles so it’s knowing how to incorporate those with our own.” Breaking into new genres, experimenting with different sounds and testing the boundaries of your comfort zone as a creator can be amazing, but equally as daunting – but this is exactly what NiNE8 is built on. Their desire to grow and learn from one another whilst making whatever they want is refreshing, and it’s working.

Speaking on their debut EP ‘No Smoke’, the group shares: ‘This tape shows a crossover of what happens when you put all these underground UK artists with rising solo careers in a tiny hotboxed bedroom studio together to form a supergroup. Yet, instead of fighting intergalactic warlords, the collective let the listener take in their scrapbook of inner-city perspectives as if one were a member of the circle’

Having just performed at the Great Escape Festival, the group is set to share their contagious lift-everyone-up vibe with you this summer. Brainchild festival and Red Bull Music Festival are some of the confirmed dates already, for more information please visit their website, here.

Words by Claudia Knight

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